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    Abbott Laboratories VICODIN 5/500 White Oblong VICODIN Scored
    Vicodin Image
    Abbott Laboratories VICODIN ES 7.5/750 White Oval VICODIN ES Scored
    Vicodin ES Image
    Abbott Laboratories VICODIN HP 10/660 White Oval VICODIN HP Scored
    Able Labs - discontinued A328
    A 328
    10/325 White Oblong Scored
    Able Labs - discontinued A329
    A 329
    5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Able Labs - discontinued A330
    A 330
    7.5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Able Labs - discontinued A331
    A 331
    10/500 Blue Oblong
    Able Labs - discontinued A332
    A 332
    7.5/650 White Oblong Scored
    Able Labs - discontinued A333
    A 333
    10/650 Green Oblong Scored
    Able Labs - discontinued A334
    A 334
    7.5/750 White Oblong Scored
    Able Labs - discontinued A335
    A 335
    7.5/325 Light Yellow Oblong Scored
    Able Labs - discontinued A345
    A 345
    5/325 White/Blue Specks Oblong Scored
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP109
    IP 109
    5/325 White Oblong Scored
    IP 109 Image
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP110
    IP 110
    10/325 White Oblong Scored
    IP 110 Image
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP111
    IP 111
    5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP112
    IP 112
    7.5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP113
    IP 113
    7.5/650 White Oblong Scored
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP114
    IP 114
    10/650 White Oblong Scored
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP118
    IP 118
    7.5/750 White Oblong Scored
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP119
    IP 119
    10/500 White Oblong Scored
    IP 119 Image
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP120
    IP 120
    10/500 Blue Oblong Scored
    IP 120 Image
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 111 10/660 White Oval Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 126 5/325 White Oblong Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 129 7.5/750 White Oval Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 169 5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 170 7.5/325 Yellow Oval Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 171 7.5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 173 7.5/650 White Oblong Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 176 10/325 White Oval Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 177 10/500 Blue Oval Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 178 10/650 Green Oblong Scored
    Carnrick Elan C8657
    C 8657
    5/500 Blue & White Capsule HYDROCET
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E10
    E 10
    10/400 Red Elongated octagon ZYDONE E one side, 10 other side
    Zydone 10 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E5
    E 5
    5/400 Yellow Elongated octagon ZYDONE E one side, 5 other side
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E7.5
    E 7.5
    7.5/400 Blue Elongated octagon ZYDONE E one side, 7.5 other side
    Forest - discontinued Forest610A
    Forest 610A
    5/500 Yellow & Orange Capsule BANCAP-HC
    Halsey - discontinued HD574
    HD 574
    5/500 White Oblong
    Halsey - discontinued HD765
    HD 765
    5/500 White Oval
    Halsey - discontinued HD778
    HD 778
    10/650 White Oblong
    Halsey - discontinued HD779
    HD 779
    Halsey - discontinued HD780
    HD 780
    Inwood Labs IL3622
    IL 3622
    7.5/650 White Oblong Scored
    King - discontinued KPI1
    KPI 1
    5/500 White Round Scored
    King - discontinued KPI2
    KPI 2
    7.5/750 White Round Scored
    King - discontinued KPI4
    KPI 4
    7.5/650 White Oblong Scored
    Magna Pharmaceuticals Stagesic 5/500 White Capsule STAGESIC Imprinted in blue ink
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals ANEXSIA 5361 5/500 White Oblong ANEXSIA Scored, ANEXSIA one side, 5361 other side
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals ANEXSIA 5362 7.5/650 White Oblong ANEXSIA Scored, ANEXSIA one side, 5362 other side
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M357
    M 357
    5/500 White Oblong Scored
    M 357 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M358
    M 358
    7.5/500 White Oblong Scored
    M 358 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M359
    M 359
    7.5/650 White Oblong Scored
    M 359 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M360
    M 360
    7.5/750 White Oblong Scored
    M 360 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M361
    M 361
    10/650 Blue Oblong Scored.
    M 361 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M362
    M 362
    10/660 White Oblong Scored
    M 362 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M363
    M 363
    10/500 White Oblong Scored
    M 363 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M364
    M 364
    10/750 White Oblong Scored
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M365
    M 365
    5/325 White Oblong Scored
    M 365 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M366
    M 366
    7.5/325 White Oblong M 366 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M367
    M 367
    10/325 White Oblong Scored
    M 367 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M4357
    M 4357
    5/500 Maroon Capsule Boxed M logo
    Mikart MIA116
    MIA 116
    7.5/325 Orange Oblong Scored, MIA one side, 116 other side
    Poly Pharmaceuticals POLY 500 5/500 White Capsule POLYGESIC Imprinted in blue ink
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3591
    V 3591
    2.5/500 White/Red specks Oblong Scored
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3592
    V 3592
    5/500 White Oblong Scored, V one side, 3592 other side
    V 3592 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3594
    V 3594
    7.5/500 White/Green Specks Oblong Scored, V one side, 3594 other side
    V 3594 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3595
    V 3595
    7.5/650 White Oblong Scored, V one side, 3595 other side
    V 3595 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3596
    V 3596
    7.5/750 White Oblong Scored, V one side, 3596 other side
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3597
    V 3597
    10/650 Blue Oblong Scored, V one side, 3597 other side
    V 3597 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3598
    V 3598
    10/660 White Oval Scored, V one side, 3598 other side
    V 3598 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3600
    V 3600
    10/500 Pink Oblong V one side, 3600 other side
    V 3600 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3601
    V 3601
    10/325 Yellow Oblong Scored, V one side, 3601 other side
    V 3601 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3604
    V 3604
    5/325 White/Orange Specks Oblong V one side, 3604 other side
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3605
    V 3605
    7.5/325 Pale Orange Oblong V one side, 3605 other side
    V 3605 Image
    Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals RX496
    RX 496
    7.5/750 White Round Scored
    Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals RX497
    RX 497
    10/325 White Round Scored
    RX 497 Image
    Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals RX498
    RX 498
    10/500 White Round Scored
    Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals RX560
    RX 560
    5/500 White Oblong Scored
    RX 560 Image
    Schwarz Pharma SP2104 500 5
    SP 2104 500 5
    5/500 White Oblong CO-GESIC Scored, SP 2104 one side, 500 5 other side
    UAD Laboratories UAD1120
    UAD 1120
    5/500 Maroon Capsule LORCET HD
    UAD Laboratories UAD6350
    UAD 6350
    10/650 Blue Oblong LORCET Scored, UAD one side, 6350 other side
    UAD 6350 Image
    UAD Laboratories UU201
    UU 201
    7.5/650 White Oblong LORCET PLUS Scored, UU one side, 201 other side
    UCB Pharma ucb901
    ucb 901
    2.5/500 White/Red specks Oblong LORTAB 2.5 Scored
    UCB Pharma ucb902
    ucb 902
    5/500 White/Blue Specks Oblong LORTAB 5 Scored
    UCB Pharma ucb903
    ucb 903
    7.5/500 White/Green Specks Oblong LORTAB 7.5 Scored
    UCB Pharma ucb910
    ucb 910
    10/500 Pink Oblong LORTAB 10 Scored, ucb one side, 910 other side
    Lortab 10 Image
    Victory Pharma TP 10 300 10/300 White Oblong XODOL Scored, TP one side, 10 300 other side
    Xodol Image
    Victory Pharma TP 5 300 5/300 White Oblong XODOL Scored, TP one side, 5 300 other side
    Victory Pharma TP 7.5 300 7.5/300 White Oblong XODOL Scored, TP one side, 7.5 300 other side
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Maxidone634
    Maxidone 634
    10/750 Yellow Oblong MAXIDONE Scored
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Norco539
    Norco 539
    10/325 Yellow Oblong NORCO 10 Scored
    Norco 539 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Norco729
    Norco 729
    7.5/325 Pale Orange Oblong NORCO 7.5 Scored
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson3202
    Watson 3202
    5/325 White/Orange Specks Oblong Scored, Watson one side, 3202 other side
    Watson 3202 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson3203
    Watson 3203
    7.5/325 Orange Oblong Scored
    Watson 3203 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson3228
    Watson 3228
    10/750 Yellow Oblong Scored
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson349
    Watson 349
    5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Watson 349 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson385
    Watson 385
    7.5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Watson 385 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson387
    Watson 387
    7.5/750 White Oblong Scored
    Watson 387 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson388
    Watson 388
    2.5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Watson 388 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson502
    Watson 502
    7.5/650 Pink Oblong Scored
    Watson 502 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson503
    Watson 503
    10/650 Pale Green Oblong Scored
    Watson 503 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson540
    Watson 540
    10/500 Blue Oblong Scored
    Watson 540 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson853
    Watson 853
    10/325 Yellow Oblong Scored
    Watson 853 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson913
    Watson 913
    5/325 White/Orange Specks Oblong NORCO 5 Scored, Watson one side, 913 other side
    Watson Pharmaceuticals (Andrx) Logo 567 10/660 White Oblong Scored, triangle logo
    Andrx Logo 567 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals - discontinued Watson517
    Watson 517
    10/660 White Oval Scored

    Abbott Laboratories VP Logo 7.5/200 White Round VICOPROFEN Abbott logo
    Vicoprofen Image
    Abbott Laboratories VP Logo 7.5/200 White Round VICOPROFEN Knoll triangle logo
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP145
    IP 145
    7.5/200 White Round IP 145 Image
    Hawthorn Pharmaceuticals IP116
    IP 116
    2.5/200 White Oblong REPREXAIN
    Hawthorn Pharmaceuticals IP117
    IP 117
    10/200 Yellow Round REPREXAIN
    Hawthorn Pharmaceuticals IP146
    IP 146
    5/200 White Oval REPREXAIN
    Kowa Pharmaceuticals V3584
    V 3584
    5/200 White Oval IBUDONE 5/200 Scored, V one side, 3584 other side
    Kowa Pharmaceuticals V3586
    V 3586
    10/200 Purple Oval IBUDONE 10/200 Scored, V one side, 3586 other side
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V3585
    V 3585
    7.5/200 White Round V one side, 3585 other side
    V 3585 Image
    Teva Pharmaceuticals 5161 7.5/200 White Round 5161 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals (Andrx) Logo 524 7.5/200 White Round Triangle logo
    Andrx Logo 524 Image

    Alpharma Pharmaceuticals KADIAN 100 mg 100 Green Capsule KADIAN Controlled release
    Alpharma Pharmaceuticals KADIAN 20 mg 20 Yellow Capsule KADIAN Controlled release
    Kadian 20mg Image
    Alpharma Pharmaceuticals KADIAN 200 mg 200 Light Brown Capsule KADIAN Controlled release
    Alpharma Pharmaceuticals KADIAN 30 mg 30 Blue Violet Capsule KADIAN Controlled release
    Kadian 30mg Image
    Alpharma Pharmaceuticals KADIAN 50 mg 50 Blue Capsule KADIAN Controlled release
    Alpharma Pharmaceuticals KADIAN 60 mg 60 Pink Capsule KADIAN Controlled release
    Alpharma Pharmaceuticals KADIAN 80 mg 80 Light Orange Capsule KADIAN Controlled release
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E652 15
    E 652 15
    15 Blue Round E 652 one side, 15 other side. Controlled release.
    E 652 15 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E653 30
    E 653 30
    30 Green Round E 653 one side, 30 other side. Controlled release.
    E 653 30 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E655 60
    E 655 60
    60 Orange Oblong E 655 one side, 60 other side. Controlled release.
    E 655 60 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E658 100
    E 658 100
    100 Blue Oblong E 658 one side, 100 other side. Controlled release.
    E 658 100 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E659 200
    E 659 200
    200 Green Oval E 659 one side, 200 other side. Controlled release.
    E 659 200 Image
    Ethex Corporation E100
    E 100
    100 Gray Oval E one side, 100 other side. Controlled release.
    Ethex Corporation E15
    E 15
    15 Green Oval E one side, 15 other side. Controlled release.
    Ethex Corporation E200
    E 200
    200 Brown Oval E one side, 200 other side. Controlled release.
    Ethex Corporation E30
    E 30
    30 Pink Oval E one side, 30 other side. Controlled release.
    Ethex Corporation E60
    E 60
    60 White Oval E one side, 60 other side. Controlled release.
    E60 Image
    Ethex Corporation ETH15
    ETH 15
    15 Brown Round Scored, ETH one side, 15 other side. Immediate release.
    ETH 15 Image
    Ethex Corporation ETHEX30
    ETHEX 30
    30 Brown Oblong Scored, ETHEX one side, 30 other side. Immediate release.
    Glenmark Generics LV915
    LV 915
    15 White Round Scored, LV one side, 915 other side. Immediate release
    Glenmark Generics LV930
    LV 930
    30 White Oval Scored, LV one side, 930 other side. Immediate release
    King Pharmaceuticals AVINZA 505 30 mg 30 White & Yellow Capsule AVINZA Controlled release
    Avinza 30mg Image
    King Pharmaceuticals AVINZA 506 60 mg 60 White & Bluish Green Capsule AVINZA Controlled release
    Avinza 60mg Image
    King Pharmaceuticals AVINZA 507 90 mg 90 White & Red Capsule AVINZA Controlled release
    Avinza 90mg Image
    King Pharmaceuticals AVINZA 508 120 mg 120 White & Blue Violet Capsule AVINZA Controlled release
    Avinza 120mg Image
    Ligand Pharmaceuticals - discontinued E505 30 mg
    E 505 30 mg
    30 White & Yellow Capsule AVINZA Elan logo 505 30 mg, controlled release
    E 505 30mg Image
    Ligand Pharmaceuticals - discontinued E506 60 mg
    E 506 60 mg
    60 White & Bluish Green Capsule AVINZA Elan logo 506 60 mg, controlled release
    E 506 60mg Image
    Ligand Pharmaceuticals - discontinued E507 90 mg
    E 507 90 mg
    90 White & Red Capsule AVINZA Elan logo 507 90 mg, controlled release
    Ligand Pharmaceuticals - discontinued E508 120 mg
    E 508 120 mg
    120 White & Blue Violet Capsule AVINZA Elan logo 508 120 mg, controlled release
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M100
    M 100
    100 Gray Round Boxed M logo one side, 100 other side. Controlled release. M 100 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M15
    M 15
    15 Blue Round Boxed M logo one side, 15 other side. Controlled release. M 15 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M200
    M 200
    200 Green Oblong Boxed M logo one side, 200 other side. Controlled release. M 200 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M30
    M 30
    30 Purple Round Boxed M logo one side, 30 other side. Controlled release. M30 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M60
    M 60
    60 Orange Round Boxed M logo one side, 60 other side. Controlled release. M 60 Image
    Purdue Pharma PF 100 100 Gray Round MS CONTIN PF one side, 100 other side. Controlled release.
    Purdue Pharma PF M15 15 Blue Round MS CONTIN PF one side, M 15 other side. Controlled release.
    Purdue Pharma PF M200 200 Green Oblong MS CONTIN PF one side, M200 other side. Controlled release.
    Purdue Pharma PF M30 30 Lavender Round MS CONTIN PF one side, M 30 other side. Controlled release.
    Purdue Pharma PF M60 60 Orange Round MS CONTIN PF one side, M 60 other side. Controlled release.
    PF M60 Image
    Purdue Pharma PF MI15 15 White Round MSIR Scored, PF one side, MI 15 other side. Immediate release.
    Purdue Pharma PF MI30 30 White Oblong MSIR Scored, PF one side, MI 30 other side. Immediate release.
    Purdue Pharma PF MSIR 15 15 White & Blue Capsule MSIR Immediate release. THIS END UP is part of imprint.
    Purdue Pharma PF MSIR 30 30 Purple & Gray Capsule MSIR Immediate release. THIS END UP is part of imprint.
    Roxane Laboratories 54 262 30 White Round Scored, immediate release
    54 262 Image
    Roxane Laboratories 54 733 15 White Round Scored, immediate release.
    54 733 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals ABG100
    ABG 100
    100 Gray Round ABG one side, 100 other side. Controlled release.
    ABG 100 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals ABG15
    ABG 15
    15 Blue Round ABG one side, 15 other side. Controlled release.
    ABG 15 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals ABG200
    ABG 200
    200 Green Oblong ABG one side, 200 other side. Controlled release.
    Watson Pharmaceuticals ABG30
    ABG 30
    30 Lavender Round ABG one side, 30 other side. Controlled release.
    ABG 30 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals ABG60
    ABG 60
    60 Orange Round ABG one side, 60 other side. Controlled release.
    ABG 60 Image
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals 54409 30 30 White Round ORAMORPH 54 409 one side, 30 other side. Controlled release.
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals 54782 15 15 White Round ORAMORPH 54 782 one side, 15 other side. Controlled release.
    Oramorph 15 Image
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals 54862 100 100 White Round ORAMORPH 54 862 one side, 100 other side. Controlled release.
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals 54933 60 60 White Round ORAMORPH 54 933 one side, 60 other side. Controlled release.

    Actavis US (Amide) A187
    A 187
    5 Brown & Peach Capsule Immediate-release oxycodone. A-187
    A 187 Image
    Actavis US (Amide) A214
    A 214
    15 Green Round Scored. Immediate release.
    A 214 Image
    Actavis US (Amide) A215
    A 215
    30 Blue Round Scored. Immediate release.
    A 215 Image
    Actavis US (Amide) A5
    A 5
    5 White Round Scored. Immediate release.
    A5 Image
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 187 15 Green Round Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 223 5 White Round Scored
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 224 30 Blue Round Scored
    224 Image
    CorePharma Cor224
    Cor 224
    5 White Round Scored. Immediate release.
    CorePharma Cor225
    Cor 225
    15 Green Round Scored. Immediate release.
    CorePharma Cor226
    Cor 226
    30 Blue Round Scored. Immediaten release.
    Endo Pharmaceuticals - discontinued E702 10
    E 702 10
    10 White Round E 702 one side, 10 other side. Controlled release.
    E 702 10 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals - discontinued E703 20
    E 703 20
    20 Pink Round E 703 one side, 20 other side. Controlled release.
    E 703 20 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals - discontinued E705 40
    E 705 40
    40 Yellow Round E 705 one side, 40 other side. Controlled release.
    E 705 40 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals - discontinued E710 80
    E 710 80
    80 Green Round E 710 one side, 80 other side. Controlled release.
    E710 80 Image
    Ethex Corporation ETH445
    ETH 445
    15 Yellow Round Scored, ETH one side, 445 other side. Immediate release.
    Eth 445 Image
    Ethex Corporation ETH446
    ETH 446
    30 White Round Scored, ETH one side, 446 other side. Immediate release.
    Eth 446 Image
    Ethex Corporation ETH461
    ETH 461
    10 Pink Round Scored, ETH one side, 461 other side. Immediate release.
    Ethex Corporation ETH462
    ETH 462
    20 Gray Round Scored, ETH one side, 462 other side. Immediate release.
    Eth 462 Image
    Ethex Corporation ETH625
    ETH 625
    5 Orange Round Scored, ETH one side, 625 other side. Immediate release.
    Eth 625 Image
    Ethex Corporation ETHEX 041 5 White & Buff Capsule Immediate-release oxycodone.
    Ethex 041 Image
    Ethex Corporation - discontinued ETH315
    ETH 315
    5 Orange Round Scored, ETH one side, 315 other side. Immediate release.
    Glenmark Generics LV901
    LV 901
    5 White & Yellow Capsule Immediate-release oxycodone
    Impax Laboratories - discontinued G161
    G 161
    10 White Round Controlled release
    Impax Laboratories - discontinued G162
    G 162
    20 Orange Round Controlled release
    G 162 Image
    Impax Laboratories - discontinued G163
    G 163
    40 Purple Round Controlled release
    Impax Laboratories - discontinued G164
    G 164
    80 Beige Round Controlled release
    G 164 Image
    KVK-Tech K18
    K 18
    5 White Round Scored. Immediate release.
    KVK-Tech K56
    K 56
    10 Pink Round Scored, immediate release.
    K 56 Image
    KVK-Tech K57
    K 57
    20 Gray Round Scored, immediate release.
    K 57 Image
    KVK-Tech K8
    K 8
    15 Green Round Scored, immediate release.
    K8 Image
    KVK-Tech K9
    K 9
    30 Blue Round Scored, immediate release.
    K9 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals 0554 M 5 mg 5 Brown & Light Brown Capsule Boxed M logo. Immediate release.
    M 0554 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M0552
    M 0552
    5 White Round Scored. Boxed M logo one side, 0552 other side. Immediate release oxycodone.
    M 0552 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M15
    M 15
    15 Light Green Round Scored, boxed M logo one side, 15 above score other side. Immediate release. M 15 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M30
    M 30
    30 Light Blue Round Scored, boxed M logo one side, 30 above score other side. Immediate release. M 30 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M5
    M 5
    5 White Round Scored, boxed M logo one side, 5 above score other side. Immediate release.
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals - discontinued M OXY5 5 White Round M-OXY Scored, M-Oxy one side, 5 above score other side. Immediate-release.
    M-Oxy 5 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals - discontinued M593
    M 593
    10 White Round Boxed M logo one side, 593 other side. Controlled release.
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals - discontinued M594
    M 594
    20 Pink Round Boxed M logo one side, 594 other side. Controlled release.
    M 594 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals - discontinued M595
    M 595
    40 Yellow Round Boxed M logo one side, 595 other side. Controlled release.
    M 595 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals - discontinued M596
    M 596
    80 Green Round Boxed M logo one side, 596 other side. Controlled release.
    M 596 Image
    Midlothian Laboratories 0145 5 White Capsule Immediate-release oxycodone
    0145 Image
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 112 5 White Round Scored, immediate release.
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 113 15 Pink Round Scored, immediate release.
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 114 30 White Round Scored, immediate release.
    114 Image
    Purdue - discontinued OC160
    OC 160
    160 Blue Oblong OXYCONTIN OC one side, 160 other side. Controlled release.
    OC 160 Image
    Purdue Pharma OC10
    OC 10
    10 White Round OXYCONTIN OC one side, 10 other side. Controlled release.
    OC 10 Image
    Purdue Pharma OC15
    OC 15
    15 Gray Round OXYCONTIN OC one side, 15 other side. Controlled release.
    Purdue Pharma OC20
    OC 20
    20 Pink Round OXYCONTIN OC one side, 20 other side. Controlled release.
    OC 20 Image
    Purdue Pharma OC30
    OC 30
    30 Brown Round OXYCONTIN OC one side, 30 other side. Controlled release.
    OC 30 Image
    Purdue Pharma OC40
    OC 40
    40 Yellow Round OXYCONTIN OC one side, 40 other side. Controlled release.
    OC 40 Image
    Purdue Pharma OC60
    OC 60
    60 Red Round OXYCONTIN OC one side, 60 other side. Controlled release.
    OC 60 Image
    Purdue Pharma OC80
    OC 80
    80 Green Round OXYCONTIN OC one side, 80 other side. Controlled release.
    OC 80 Image
    Purdue Pharma OP10
    OP 10
    10 White Round OXYCONTIN OP one side, 10 other side. Controlled release.
    Purdue Pharma OP15
    OP 15
    15 Gray Round OXYCONTIN OP one side, 15 other side. Controlled release.
    Purdue Pharma OP20
    OP 20
    20 Pink Round OXYCONTIN OP one side, 20 other side. Controlled release.
    OP 20 Image
    Purdue Pharma OP30
    OP 30
    30 Brown Round OXYCONTIN OP one side, 30 other side. Controlled release.
    OP 30 Image
    Purdue Pharma OP40
    OP 40
    40 Yellow Round OXYCONTIN OP one side, 40 other side. Controlled release.
    OP 40 Image
    Purdue Pharma OP60
    OP 60
    60 Red Round OXYCONTIN OP one side, 60 other side. Controlled release.
    OP 60 Image
    Purdue Pharma OP80
    OP 80
    80 Green Round OXYCONTIN OP one side, 80 other side. Controlled release.
    Purdue Pharma - discontinued O-IR PF 5 mg 5 Orange & Beige Capsule OXYIR Immediate release
    Qualitest V4810
    V 4810
    5 White Round Scored, V one side, 4810 other side. Immediate release.
    V 4810 Image
    Qualitest V4811
    V 4811
    15 Green Round Scored, V one side, 4811 other side. Immediate release.
    V 4811 Image
    Qualitest V4812
    V 4812
    30 Blue Round Scored, V one side, 4812 other side. Immediate release.
    V 4812 Image
    Rhodes Pharmaceuticals RP10
    RP 10
    10 White Round Scored, RP one side, 10 other side. Immediate release.
    Rhodes Pharmaceuticals RP15
    RP 15
    15 White Oval Scored, RP one side, 15 other side. Immediate release.
    Rhodes Pharmaceuticals RP20
    RP 20
    20 White Round Scored, RP one side, 20 other side. Immediate release.
    Rhodes Pharmaceuticals RP30
    RP 30
    30 White Round Scored, RP one side, 30 other side. Immediate release.
    Rhodes Pharmaceuticals RP5
    RP 5
    5 White Round Scored, RP one side, 5 other side. Immediate release.
    Teva Pharmaceuticals - discontinued 9324 10 White Oval 93 one side, 24 other side. Controlled release.
    93 24 Image
    Teva Pharmaceuticals - discontinued 9331 20 Pink Oval 93 one side, 31 other side. Controlled release.
    93 31 Image
    Teva Pharmaceuticals - discontinued 9332 40 Yellow Oval 93 one side, 32 other side. Controlled release.
    93 32 Image
    Teva Pharmaceuticals - discontinued 9333 80 Light Green Oval 93 one side, 33 other side. Controlled release.
    93 33 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals - discontinued ABG10
    ABG 10
    10 White Round ABG one side, 10 other side. Controlled release.
    ABG 10 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals - discontinued ABG20
    ABG 20
    20 Pink Round ABG one side, 20 other side. Controlled release.
    ABG 20 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals - discontinued ABG40
    ABG 40
    40 Yellow Round ABG one side, 40 other side. Controlled release.
    ABG 40 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals - discontinued ABG80
    ABG 80
    80 Green Round ABG one side, 80 other side. Controlled release.
    ABG 80 Image
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals 54199 30 Blue Round ROXICODONE Scored. Immediate release.
    54 199 Image
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals 54582 5 White Round ROXICODONE Scored. Immediate release.
    54 582
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals 54710 15 Green Round ROXICODONE Scored. Immediate release.
    54 710

    Actavis US (Amide) A041
    A 041
    5/500 Red & White Capsule
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP203
    IP 203
    5/325 White Round Scored
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP204
    IP 204
    10/325 White Oblong
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP205
    IP 205
    7.5/500 White Oblong
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals IP206
    IP 206
    10/650 White Oblong
    Atley Pharmaceuticals AP680
    AP 680
    2.5/300 Blue Round PRIMALEV AP one side, 680 other side
    Atley Pharmaceuticals AP681
    AP 681
    5/300 Yellow Oblong PRIMALEV Scored, AP one side, 681 other side
    Atley Pharmaceuticals AP682
    AP 682
    7.5/300 Red Oblong PRIMALEV AP one side, 682 other side
    Atley Pharmaceuticals AP683
    AP 683
    10/300 Orange Oval PRIMALEV AP one side, 683 other side
    Barr Laboratories barr658
    barr 658
    5/500 Red & White Capsule Barr 658 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E700 7.5/325
    E 700 7.5/325
    7.5/325 Peach Oblong ENDOCET 7.5/325 E 700 one side, 7.5/325 other side
    E 700 7.5/325 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E712 10/325
    E 712 10/325
    10/325 Yellow Oval ENDOCET 10/325 E 712 one side, 10/325 other side
    E 712 10/325 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E796 7.5
    E 796 7.5
    7.5/500 Peach Oblong ENDOCET 7.5 E 796 one side, 7.5 other side
    E796 7.5 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals E797 10
    E 797 10
    10/650 Yellow Oval ENDOCET 10 E 797 one side, 10 other side
    E 797 10 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals Endo602
    Endo 602
    5/325 White Round ENDOCET 5 Scored
    Endo 602 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals PERCOCET 10 10/650 Yellow Oval PERCOCET 10 PERCOCET one side, 10 other side
    Endo Pharmaceuticals PERCOCET 10/325 10/325 Yellow Oblong PERCOCET 10/325 PERCOCET one side, 10/325 other side
    Percocet 10/325 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals PERCOCET 2.5 2.5/325 Pink Oval PERCOCET 2.5 PERCOCET one side, 2.5 other side
    Percocet 2.5 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals PERCOCET 5 5/325 Blue Round PERCOCET 5 Scored
    Percocet 5 Image
    Endo Pharmaceuticals PERCOCET 7.5 7.5/500 Peach Oblong PERCOCET 7.5 PERCOCET one side, 7.5 other side
    Endo Pharmaceuticals PERCOCET 7.5/325 7.5/325 Peach Oval PERCOCET 7.5/325 PERCOCET one side, 7.5/325 other side
    Halsey - discontinued HD532
    HD 532
    5/500 Red & Buff Capsule
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals 512 5/325 White Round Scored
    512 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals ADG 10/400 10/400 White Oblong MAGNACET ADG one side, 10/400 other side
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals ADG 2.5/400 2.5/400 White Oblong MAGNACET ADG one side, 2.5/400 other side
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals ADG 5/400 5/400 White Oblong MAGNACET ADG one side, 5/400 other side
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals ADG 7.5/400 7.5/400 White Oblong MAGNACET ADG one side, 7.5/400 other side
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M522 7.5/325
    M 522 7.5/325
    7.5/325 White Oblong M 522 one side, 7.5/325 other side
    M 522 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M523 10/325
    M 523 10/325
    10/325 White Oblong M 523 one side, 10/325 other side
    M 523 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M532
    M 532
    5/500 Red & Beige Capsule Boxed M logo
    M 532 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M562
    M 562
    10/650 White Oblong
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M582
    M 582
    7.5/500 White Oval
    McNeil Pharmaceutical TYLOX McNeil 5/500 Red Capsule TYLOX
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 103 2.5/325 White Oval
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 104 5/325 White Round Scored
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 105 7.5/325 White Oblong
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 106 10/325 White Round 106 Image
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 107 7.5/500 White Oval
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals 108 10/650 White Oval
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V4832
    V 4832
    5/500 Red Capsule
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals V4839
    V 4839
    5/325 White Round Scored
    V 4839 Image
    Roxane Laboratories 54392 5/500 Red & White Capsule
    Roxane Laboratories 54543 5/325 White Round ROXICET Scored
    54 543 Image
    Roxane Laboratories 54730 5/500 White Oblong ROXICET 5/500 Scored, 54 730
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson737 5-500 mg
    Watson 737 5-500 mg
    5/500 Red & White Capsule
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson749
    Watson 749
    5/325 White Round Scored
    Watson 749 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson824
    Watson 824
    7.5/500 White Oblong Scored
    Watson 824 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson825
    Watson 825
    10/650 White Oblong Scored
    Watson 825 Image
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson932
    Watson 932
    10/325 White Round
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson933
    Watson 933
    7.5/325 White Round Watson 933 Image
    WraSer Pharmaceuticals WraSer10/500
    WraSer 10/500
    10/500 White Oblong XOLOX WraSer one side, 10/500 other side

    Able Labs - discontinued A256
    A 256
    100/650 Pink Oblong
    Able Labs - discontinued
    A 261
    100/650 White Oblong
    Actavis US (Purepac)

    R 085
    100/650 Pink Oblong R logo one side, 085 other side
    Barr Laboratories (Pliva, Inc.)

    P 500
    100/500 Pink Oblong
    Cornerstone BioPharma

    P 325
    100/325 Violet Oblong BALACET 325 Note: There is a blue oblong P325 that is OTC generic Tylenol PM.
    Ivax Pharmaceuticals

    Logo 4980
    100/650 Pink Oblong Hourglass logo
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

    M 1721
    100/650 White Oblong Boxed M logo one side, 1721 other side
    M 1721 Image
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

    M 1772
    100/650 Bright Pink Oblong Boxed M logo one side, 1772 other side
    M 1772 Image
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals

    Mylan 1155
    100/650 White Oblong Mylan one side, 1155 other side
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals

    Mylan 155
    100/650 Pink Oblong Mylan one side, 155 other side
    Mylan 155 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
    V 5111
    50/325 Orange Oblong
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
    V 5112
    100/650 Orange Oblong
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
    V 5113
    100/650 White Oblong V 5113 Image
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
    V 5114
    100/650 Pink Oblong V 5114 Image

    GG 100
    100/650 White Oblong
    Teva Pharmaceuticals

    93-490 100/650 White Oblong 93 490
    93490 Image
    Teva Pharmaceuticals

    93890 100/650 Pink Oblong 93 one side, 890 other side
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals
    A 500
    100/500 Dark Orange Oblong DARVOCETA500
    A500 on both sides
    A 500 on both sides
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals

    DARVOCET-N100 100/650 Dark Orange Oblong DARVOCET-N 100
    Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals

    DARVOCET-N50 50/325 Dark Orange Oblong DARVOCET-N 50

    Able Labs - discontinued A273
    A 273
    50 White Round
    Actavis US (Purepac) R714
    R 714
    50 White Oval
    Amneal Pharmaceuticals AN627
    AN 627
    50 White Round AN 627 Image
    Apotex Corp APOTR50
    APOTR 50
    50 White Oblong APO one side, TR 50 other side
    Barr Laboratories (Pliva, Inc.) Pliva616
    Pliva 616
    50 White Oval Pliva 616 Image
    Biovail Corporation 100ER 100 White Round ULTRAM ER Imprinted in black ink. Extended release.
    100 ER Image
    Biovail Corporation 200ER 200 White Round ULTRAM ER Imprinted in black ink. Extended release.
    200 ER Image
    Biovail Corporation 300ER 300 White Round ULTRAM ER Imprinted in black ink. Extended release.
    Caraco Pharmaceutical 377 50 White/Tannish Oblong 377 Image
    CorePharma LLC Cor127
    Cor 127
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    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals M7171
    M 7171
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    McNeil Pharmaceutical McNeil659
    McNeil 659
    50 White Oblong ULTRAM McNeil one side, 659 other side. Imprint discontinued.
    McNeil Pharmaceutical ULTRAM0659
    ULTRAM 0659
    50 White Oblong ULTRAM Scored, ULTRAM one side, 0659 other side
    Ultram 06 59 Image
    Mutual Pharmaceutical MP717
    MP 717
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    Mylan Pharmaceuticals MT7
    MT 7
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    Par Pharmaceutical GTL50
    GTL 50
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    Par Pharmaceutical Par821
    Par 821
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    Par Pharmaceutical Par822
    Par 822
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    Purdue Pharma PP100
    PP 100
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    Purdue Pharma PP200
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    Sandoz E311
    E 311
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    Teva Pharmaceuticals 9358 50 White Oval 93 one side, 58 other side
    93 58 Image
    Victory Pharma T50
    T 50
    50 White Round RYBIX ODT T one side, 50 other side. Orally disintegrating.
    Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson466
    Watson 466
    50 White Round Watson one side, 466 other side
    Zydus Pharmaceuticals 319 50 White Round
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    Carnrick - discontinued C8648
    C 8648
    35 Yellow & Green Round BONTRIL PDM Scored layered tablet, Logo C one side, 8648 other side
    KVK Tech K45
    K 45
    35 White Round Scored
    KVK Tech K77
    K 77
    35 Yellow Round Scored
    KVK Tech K78
    K 78
    35 Blue Round Scored
    Mikart Logo35
    Logo 35
    35 Blue Round Scored, crescent moon logo one side, 35 other side
    Mikart T35
    T 35
    35 Yellow Round Scored, logo T one side, 35 other side
    T35 Image
    Mikart X35
    X 35
    35 White Round Scored, logo X one side, 35 other side
    Sandoz E5254
    E 5254
    105 Brown & Clear Capsule Extended release.
    Sandoz E76
    E 76
    35 Yellow Round Scored
    E 76 Image
    Valeant Pharmaceuticals A047
    A 047
    105 Yellow & Green Capsule BONTRIL SR Extended release.
    Valeant Pharmaceuticals A48
    A 48
    35 Yellow & Green Round BONTRIL PDM Scored layered tablet, A one side, 48 other side
    A48 Image
    Valeant Pharmaceuticals V B35 35 Yellow & Green Round BONTRIL PDM Scored layered tablet, V one side, B 35 other side
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  4. mainsail's Avatar
    5 Narcotic/Opiod Maintenance Severe constipation and severe sweating! F 39 10 years
    3 pain management excessive sleep, swelling, nausea, hiccups, itchy body Plan on calling the pdoc on Tuesday. Can't handle waking in the middle of the night due to extreme itchiness all over body and to the point of being sick. Since I started taking the meds on Aug 25th; I have hiccups at least 3-4 times a day. And the swelling of my ankles, feet, legs - I just look awful and it hurts to wear shoes. I noticed the other day I am starting to get a bit of a rash here and there too. I just can't handle this med anymore. Started taking it because the pdoc says it would be cheaper for me to take since I have no insurance currently - compared to my regular medication which would have cost way too much. F 43 10 days
    5 mg 3X D
    5 Lumbosacrael Plexopathy,Polynueral, M 45 12 years
    130 Mg. 2X D
    5 narcotic maitanence constipation,slight nausea on occasion, but nothing serious saved my life, i would have od'd without or just killed myself, my wife should take a lot of that credit for this too,. i know poeople hate it, but at least give it a try first and then make up your mind about it, this stuff saved my life and it is extremely cheap M 29 8 years
    135 1X D
    5 iv user of opiates severe constipation, sweats, craving sweets I will say methadone has played a big part in me changing my life but i have to go to a clinic everyday b/c of the call-backs procedure. I have a fantastic job that requires me to travel some and attend very important meetings and the clinic i attend will not excuse me but 1-2 times and it's just a mess then. I am ready to detox due to this clinics rules, which i understand they do have, but when a person does right they should have a little repect and consideration for them and this clinic doesn't. If i file a greivance on them it just goes to the medical director of the clinic and nothing gets done! Very tired of the ball-n-chain with them and my take-homes!! F 36 10 years
    108mgs 1X D
    5 pain management Drowsiness, sweat easily When I first started taking this stuff it really was uncomfortable. There were no nasty side effects other than feeling like I was in the fog. The best part however is that I have not had to increase my dosage and in fact am way down, only 10mg twice daily. In addition to that my pain is controlled quite nicely. It no longer makes me tired it has never made me loopy like most narcotics. All in all this stuff is much cheaper and way more reliable than the usual narcotic analgesics. I have tried, vicodin all stregths, oxycodone, morphine, dilauded and on and on. All of which worked OK but made me loopy and needed more rather quicly, like weeks. Anyone with chronic pain should at least consider this if you are to be on anything long term. The only real big pitfall is it is very addictive physically and getting off it is much more difficult than other opiate based narcotics. For me it has been a real blessing. M 50 11 years
    40 2X D
    2 Makes me feel AWFUL I was prescribed this stuff to help deal with my horrific musculoskeletal injuries caused to me by the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin (look THAT drug up if you want to read nightmarish stories!) While it does help with some of my pain, I CANNOT stay conscious on this stuff and it makes me feel mentally retarded. I can't focus or concentrate my mind and I fade in and out of consciousness for up to 12 hours at a time, all the while having odd hallucinatory "dreams." Despite the fact I seem to sleep constantly on this stuff, I'm still completely exhausted once it wears off so evidently the "sleep" I get while on methadone is not of good quality. I finally started cutting my 10mg pills into EIGHTHS which seems to help reduce the mental side effects, but the painkilling effectiveness is significantly reduced as well, obviously. Often I choose to just endure my pain rather than have this stuff blast my cognitive function. Lastly, I'm very concerned with what I'm reading here about tooth decay. Not cool! Why isn't that on the warning label? M 31 1.25 1X D 5/13/2011
    4 Opiate Addiction CONSTIPATION. Nothing would work, not even the "wet and wild" I take 4 SENA every night and after I drink my Red Bull in the morning, it's crap city. Also, It has negetively affected my ability to argue or keep from being manuplited. It's worked great, for it's intended purpose but I'll have to take it for the rest of my life. I am honest with myself and know that if I got of the m-done, I would be rite back into pills M 42 7 years
    100 1X D
    4 Opiate addiction Constipation, ZERO sex drive, bad cravings for sugar, sweating, EXCESSIVE weight gain (between methadone & anti-depressants I'm having weight loss surgery in approx 6 wks), tooth problems (need top dentures since going on Methadone) Methadone does help with drug cravings a LOT!! I went to one of the best treatment programs (addiction to Oxycontin) in the country & still relapsed after 10 months. I've been clean for 3 years on Methadone. I wish the clinic had been more honest about side effects, withdrawal & how hard it is & how long it takes to wean off Methadone (2 years from my dose). F 44 3 years
    120 mg 1X D

    4 Fibro, severe spinal pain, esp neck Tired, fall asleep watching tv or reading. Weight gain, despite hardly eating. Used to have great memory. Now I can't recall the name of anything. I took Oxycontin which worked great for two years, then it stopped working. Methadone works okay for pain, but I'd feel better if my doctor would increase the dosage. Not only will he not do that, but he wants to cut me down, for no reason at all. I've been compliant, take drug tests whenever he wants me to. I see him once a month, and I feel like I'm sitting in the Principal's office. I have to always defend my pain and beg him not to cut me off. I took my first narcotic four years ago. Never smoked or did drugs, and just had the occasional glass of wine. Still, he's scared of the DEA. He doesn't even deny it. I've gone to two pain clinics, and they wanted me to stop taking pain medication. I'm living a nightmare. My pain is off the charts. I collect disability for my pain. Believe me, getting SSDI is not easy. The drug addicts are making it so hard for people who have REAL chronic pain. Without my pain meds, I'd probably jump off a roof. The doctors believe that I have pain, but say that people shouldn't be on narcotics long term. I'm like, "What happens to the pain if I stop the meds?" F 53 1 years
    30 mg 3X D
    5 Heroin Addiction Weight Gain, sweating more frequently, Without methadone, I dont know where I would be today. Yes, there are side affects but I would take some extra weight and sweating a bit more the usual anyday over withdrawal symptoms, being a drug addict, ect. Methadone has played a HUGE part in me getting my life back together, the MAIN reason it helped me was becuase in my drug addiction it wasnt so much about chasing the high anymore, but to feel OKAY and not be "bogue", which i would NEVER put myself through again! So when I started methadone, i was no longer putting my life in danger, had risk of getting diseases, or dying from a overdose, on heroin i couldnt fuction normally, now i can everything any normal person does.such as have my own place, car, moneyy, pay my bills, have food to eat..on herion i lived in a hotel, took the bus and was broke and severely depressed. Methadone if taking seriously, meaning your truely want to fix your life and get off drugs, can help you tremendously,and it everyone is different, but if you find yourslef there more then a year or two, you need to ask yourslef some serious questions.. F 23 1 years
    75 MG 1X D
    5 opiate addiction Excessive sweating, sedation, cloudy thinking, decreased motivation, less anxiety F 45 6 years
    174mg 1X D
    1 sports injury this medicine is the DEVIL himself!!!!!!!!!!! sweating,tooth decay,weight gain,no energy makes you look like your nothing but lazy!don't want to be out in public, body ticks while trying to sleep etc.etc. i was a very popular athlete,had everything going for me. blew my knee out twice and for both surgeries i was given this to deal with the pain to get back to the playing field.please believe me when i say don't do this i'm lucky to be alive and after going through detox i'm just now trying to get my life back. if you have a good life now don't go this way for pain!!!!!!! M 29 3 years
    50 6X D
    3 pain management constipation is my main problem. Best laxative for me is propylene glycol. it's sold over the counter by a brand name or you can get a script from a doctor for a larger and cheaper supply don't use it! stay with other opiates if at all possible. M 62 40 years
    45mg. 1X D
    5 opiate and xanax addiction some constipation and some upper gastro intestinal issues from craving sweets and thats it. I was up to 400 mg of oxycodone and 4 or 5 xanax bars per day. I was able to stop using the oxy's right away and the xanax the 3rd day. For me the key is the feeling of wellness and energy that i get from the methadone. I know that i can make it thru the day. I have been a drug abuser for over 30 yrs and have tried every treatment program there is. Methadone is by far the best one for me. I am so glad that i found the clinic that i go to. I need the professional and structured and caring assistance they give. M 59 90 days
    45 MG 1X D
    5 opiate addiction On it almost six years F 44 5.5 days
    190 1X D
    1 Heroin addiction Massive sweating, constipation, weight gain, extreme tiredness. I'm in the middle of my detox and wouldn't wish it on anyone. @ 18mg I ended up in the E.R.,(1st time in YEARS)from w/drawals. I hate when people say, it's all in your head. Methadone is the most individual drug out there. Some people have no problem detoxing and others would rather blow their head off. Some can go down 5mg a week and some, 1mg a month. Again, all individual. With any opiate but Methadome/Suboxone, go cold turkey. Trust me, it's the easiest. I'm lucky to get 3hrs of sleep night. Plus, I still can't go to the bathroom, and I tried everything. It's the last 30mg that are a bitch. Anyone higher than that and you don't have any idea what people like me/us are talking about. M 34 4 years
    3 gram/day 1X D
    3 MMT Gained weight, sweat alot, no sex drive. I used to get high on methadone occasionally and loved the nods it gave me. So when I got into a bad oxycontin addiciton I had been through oxy withdrawal before and thought no way not again. Well since I used to love methadone and could easily get into a clinic I chose this route. Was doing 560 mg of oxycontin a day at the time and the first day they gave me 30mg of that ass nasty red cherry liquid. I went up to 170mg in 6 months and stayed there for another 2.5 years. Well last October I started a slow 5mg per week taper. I got down to 5mg by the end of April and jumped off at 5mg. It's been really rough. Very tired, depressed, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, the poops, kicking and twisting in bed, cannot adjust my temperature. It's not as intense of a withdrawal as oxy but it's so much longer that I now dispise this and any opiate. For this is the end of the opiate trail for me. Oxy 4 day withdrawal of hell. Methadone 30+ days of slow agony, Suboxone 30+ days of slower agony. They all suck arse to come off of. Please don't start this drug unless your life depends on it and if you have no tolerance and take more than 5mg you'll be sick quick. 40mg or more and you will be dead possibly. Not for the weak willed. M 42 3.5 years
    170mg 1X D
    5 six large blood clots to lungs sweet tooth,six drive in the tank,can not be in the heat,sleeping not enought or too much and trouble with thoughts. Great for the pain but not for the life. After starting this med I find myself in a daz and can not do all the things I like to do. The pain from 6 clots in the lungs is great because the scaring has damaged my lungs that can not be repaired. I tried other meds but with little help for the pain. M 48 6 months
    20mg 3X D
    5 pain pill addiction and pain manage sweating, sweet tooth, tiredness at first. My dose is high because of a high metabolism. It saved my life. F 35 9 months
    245 mg 1X D
    4 addiction Moodyness,anxiety,muscle ache. M 29 4 months 1/14/2010
    2 F 61 8 years 12/30/2009
    5 Diabetic Neurorapty Not sure, very tired, no energy,constipated, the medicine took care of the pain in my legs which was aweful. Also take Bencar and Coreg for High blood pressure, Mobic for Arthritis M 70 2 days 12/15/2009
    1 unknown DEATH My friend accidently overdosed on this drug because she drank alcohol. If you drink alcohol I don't advise you to take this medicine... this pill can be very dangerous. I know dumb people that take it for "fun" well... you will die from it. Like all medication if you are not prescribed to it you should not take it! common sense is not so common. F 22 1 days 6/19/2009
    5 Chronic Pain and Heroin Addiction Extreme sweating is the worst, and most annoying side effect. Constipation, and in the beginning of treatment extreme drowsiness. While I began using opiates as a needed prescription for chronic pain due to a back injury and from effects of having Lupus, I quickly began abusing the drugs for the euphoric effects and for rectreational use. What started as a 10-15mg of Hydro a day habit quickly escalated to approximatly 400mg of Oxycodone, 150mg of Morphine, and as much heroin as I could get my hands on in any given day. At the end I couldn't even feel the euphoric effects anymore, I had to take the drugs just to keep myself out of withdrawl and so I could function and get out of bed. Methadone has SAVED my life. I could care less if some people think it's trading one addiction for another. Since I no longer have to spend my entire day focused on how and when I'm going to get my drugs, I don't have to do anything illegal, I don't have to lie, I'd say I'm a success, and I am so greatful to have my life back. F 34 2 years 4/22/2009
    4 Failed back surgery L2+3..2003 as far as side effects I can Honestly say I must be one of them rare people . I dont get tired (never did even from beginning with narcs) and I never had constipation til about 2-3months ago. I feel that happened due to my diet. Methadone does make you crave extreme high doses of sugar. I take this drug after i tried kadian, morphine, Oxycontin and percocet. It was honestly the best move i ever made and wish I had done it sooner . It does effect your teeth over long term use as it has started to effect mine . And although it hasnt happened to me it can effct bone marrow also over long term use. I have been on Narcotics for almost 6 years now and find methadone has worked the ebst for me pain wise . My Husbands friend who was a pharmacist told him to tell me to ask my Dr about it . I refused to for a year. I wish I had back then. I been taking it now since 2006. I use 60mg of methadone per day with 90mg of Roxicone per day for breah through pain.ALL Narcotics are going to have some side effects so there isnt any perfect drug out there and everyone reacts different. If I could and at times I do, I recommend asking for this drug for pain. If you have been in pain for a long time and hve a real understanding Pain physician you shouldnt have any problems getting it . I know thats also easier said than done . DO NOT SUFFER!! if your dr isnt helping you .. MOVE ON!! F 39 3 years 2/9/2009
    5 failed lower back surgery. Long story short,Lifting injury. Paramedic 25 yrs. five back surgeries, L5-S1. After surgery developed a CHF leak which required 4 more operations to stop. Also left me with an arachnoid membrane problem. This left me with Severe pain in the lumbar back and the right leg, from the hip to the knee. After trying all the other meds, I was put on Methadone twice a day. This med works well but after 4 yrs I have the severe pain in my right leg again, I wake up unable to get out of bed without the help of my wife. M 63 4 days 2/3/2009
    4 failed lower back surgery I have to be extremely vigilant when it comes to taking a daily stool softener and drinking enough water to be sure that it works. I have had an impacted bowel in the past due directly to my daily use of opiates and getting that problem resolved was one of the most painful, humiliating experiences of my life, so BE CAREFUL. Also, I have gained about 35 POUNDS!!! I notice a lot of people are having this problem-- I had the surgery that ruined my back in 1999 and, as I'm sure many others on this board have experienced, I hit a brick wall with regard to doctors who seemed to have ANY interest in helping me in any appreciable way with my pain. The surgeon who botched the job referred me to a pain specialist who, after seven years, had advanced in his trust and care enough to give me one percocet every 8 hours. He had me sold on medtronic and a spinal cord stimulator, until I found out from the surgeon (my pain specialist said nothing) that the procedure would require a laminotomy, similar in action but not as radical as the laminectomy that ruined me. Needless to say, I walked out of the office and never looked back. Finally, I met a pain specialist who prescribed me 20mg of methadone, 3x/day, w/2mg of dilaudid every 6-8hrs as needed for breakthrough pain. My life is my own again when I truly thought that at the age of 42 my life as an active adult was, for all intents and purposes, over. I write M 42 7 months 12/22/2008
    3 i took methadone for heroin add. sweats, extreme sleepiness at 3 hours, nausea, its all in your mind. i went down 70 mg in 35 days and had almost no side effects. M 24 1 days 12/5/2008
    3 Ruptured L3 disc, failed fusion My MD used the methadone as a substitute for increasing levels of Oxycontin, which did not alleviate the pain. Also on Fentanyl patch, Robaxin & Neurontin. The biggest issue I have is daytime sedation. Problems w/ sleep due to pain but helped some with Therapedic-like foam mattress, so often fall asleep when I finally sat down. Falling asleep driving also an issue when on 80mg/day. Next biggest issue is definitely word loss; always been a bright person (hi IQ, skipped 2 grades in school, Master's degree, scored in top 11% on LSAT), but now I feel like a blithering idiot....constant mental groping for words, I end up saying "you know, the THING that sweeps dirt off the floor". I always assumed it was due to the combination of narcotics on board and level of mental alertness, but now not sure... I'm better after a reduction to 60 mgs/day in terms of mental side effects, but have more breakthrough pain. Be careful where you keep it. I stupidly left it on a bathroom counter with my other meds in Boston when I went to see my daughter at college. 26 0f 28 pills were missing when we came back to the room one day and the only other person shown to have used the keycard was the maid, who adamantly denied taking my drugs. Police report filed etc. My MD sent me to local ER, but that MD would not replace them because he said he had no authority to write for chronic use drugs when , as an ER doc, he was viewed as having to deal only with acute injuries/illnesses. So, the upshot is, even though they are routine to you, they can be tempting to others. F 49 2 years 11/26/2008
    1 dizzy itchy felt high energy felt sick i don't know how u can give this to a herione addicted when u still can feel high off this methadone unreal doctor's need to get with it there are non narcotics that work just as good for pain ask ur doctor's about them M 3 days 9/16/2008
    5 chronic back pain none Best medication for moderate to severe chronic back pain. I have tried everything, morphine, Kadian etc. No high if you are not Niave. I take 10 mg twice a day, morning and late afternoon. It has changed my life. It works best when taken with a muscle relaxer. I take 350mg of generic soma, and after tolerance to that builds up I rotate to flexeril. Works best with the Soma. This is a great combination for people with no insurance, all three of these drugs are cheap. The problem is finding a doctor that will prescribe it. M 44 3 months 7/7/2008
    4 Opiate addiction/pain Constipation, sweating, weight gain other minor problems. I had severe knee injury when I was 14 tore everything, broke my growth plate and lower leg in 2 places. Anyway I started out on regular old vic's, then norco for the about 2 yrs after. Then I was ok for awhile with all the extensive physical therapy I did 4 times a week 4 hrs day. Then when I hit about 20 I started having pain again, Im an avid golfer and good also but I was pretty sure the golf had caused some sort of injury, so I went in got some norco took it and it worked for about month. At that point I didnt have insurance, started with the oxycontin big mistake. It took away my pain, and my life, pretty much made into a zombie. I got up to 3 80's a day along with other drugs.I wanted off so I did my research found methadone was used treat opiate addicts. I started40mg 2yrs later was at 140mg sometimes more to get that little high. Then i started to wean myself down to 80mg, finally got insurance found a doctor to help me, im now down to 30mg, and I take a benzo, and clonid M 26 3 years 6/12/2008
    3 addiction severe lower back pain mostly in my butt almost like my gutts were stoping up and swelling. the pain gets so bad sometimes i can't move i think i am going to die. I get severely constapated (Miralax helps a lot)but if i go to the bathroom #2 it almost takes all the pain away but if I don't take Miralax all the time the pain comes back. My penis is also desenseitized it is much harder to ejaculate sometimes not at all. need help with ejaculation problems and with back pain. please i need help with these problems. I miss alot of work because of the pain. I am fixing to loose my house if i don't get help very soon. Thank you M 26 4 days 4/20/2008
    5 Fibrose Dyspalsia (Bone Tumors) Constipation and profuse sweating at high doses 60mg or above. I have had this bone disease since birth and have had two tumors removed. One from my leg where they removed my fibula and put it in my femur and one tumor scraped off the outside of the back of my skull. I have many other tumors located in my arms and head. I started with the painkillers at 19 when I had the 1st operation and they gave me morphine IM for 14 days then sent me home with 100 Tylox with a refill. Needless to say I was addicted by the end of the refill. I finally started hitting doctors and have taken Lortab, Percocet, Demerol, Fiorinol #3, Tylenol#3, Oxycontin 40mg x3 daily with Lortab X3 forbreakthrough pain, morphine 30mg and 60mg X3 daily with percocet for breakthrough. You name it I have been on it. In 1998 I went to a Methadone Clinic and finally found the relief I had been seeking. Methadone was the cure from the beginning! THey staRTED ME OUT AT 40MG DAILY AND i GOT UP TO 120 DAILY UNTIL i COULD NO LONGER AFFORD THE $110.00 PER WEEK FOR THE MEDICINE PLUS T F 46 10 years 4/16/2008
    3 Lyme Disease/Chronic Pain 65 pound weight gain that is impossible to loose. Mild constipation. Tooth decay (not related to poor hygiene). I unfortunately and probably am an exception that I do not experience 24 hour pain relief. Methadone's pain relief is most effective 1-1 1/2 hour after I take it and lasts for about 3 hours. I split the dose to help distribute pain relief. F 37 6 years 4/14/2008
    5 Opiate addiction and Fibromyalgia Its hard to tell which are side effects of methadone and which are from the Fibromyalgia so I'll do my best to list them. 1. Sweating and being hot - the summers are nightmarish. I used to be cold natured, not anymore, 80 degrees starts feeling hot. 2. Mind Fog - Caused from Fibromyalgia and made worse from the methadone? I don't know but it seems worse since I've been on Methadone and also since I hit my head in a wreck where I flipped my neighbors suv. 3. Constipation - I go regularly now, pretty much every morning BEFORE I dose but after I dose it's a rare thing to have a movement. Every time I go up on in Mg. on methadone I usually cannot have a movement for weeks or longer. Also, my poop no longer comes out all in one chunk, It kinda breaks off into little balls, weird. Sorry for the awful mental picture 4. Tiredness, nodding off - I nod off a lot, especially if I don't get enough sleep at night. With Fibromyalgia I notice that I do not sleep very deeply and rarely dream I got onto Methadone primarily to help with my Opiate addiction. I was having to take at least 1 pill/hr. to keep the sickness at bay.I felt so sick when I didnt have any. I suffer from Fibromyalgia which is why I started taking the pills in the 1st place. So I got onto methadone and was very amazed. I didnt have any withdrawal symptoms that night or the next day. I had found my wonder drug. I did get a rush off of the methadone for the 1st month or two but that went away and left me with a medicine that helped my pain very well & also freed me from any withdrawal symptoms. But over time I kept having to go up and up on my doses and now I just don't feel well anymore. I hate this because I really believe in methadone and know that it saved my life but its either time for me to come off of it which I dread doing because it fills that hole inside of me that NOTHING else has ever been able to fill for very long but I am starting to feel like a junkie which was why I got on M 32 4 years 4/12/2008
    4 Ruptured c3+c5, migraine, arthritis Constipation (completely cured with Miralax), dental problems, reduced sex drive and fatigue. Compared to other chronic pain meds like Duragesic patches and extended release morphine, Methadone is the best way to go. I am taking 120mg/day due to a high tolerance to most pain meds and I don't get any euphoria from this medication. It just takes the edge off of the pain in a big way. Duragesic patches work about the same, but I get extremely sleepy with them. The patches cost about $50.00 a piece also. I also don't experience withdrawl symptoms if I stop taking methadone like most other opioids (contrary to most other people who've posted here). I have noticed that any other meds used for breakthrough pain don't work as well when I take Methadone. I will be getting 5 cervical discs fused with titanium plates soon and I will probably use Methadone for recovery. M 41 5 years 3/14/2008
    2 Fibromyalgia Just constipation but let me tell you I was able to #2 better with this medicine than Morphine. I am right now taking the 5 mg 3x a day and vicodin 8 tabs in a day. The methadone is working very little. I am going to have her increase it. F 26 10 days 1/6/2008
    5 heroin addiction chronic back pain weight gain, swollen hands and feet, excesive sweating, lathargic, and freedom from heroin addiction I have pretty bad side effects but nothing compared to living life as a junkie. I can proudly say methadone saved my life as well as gave me a new and dramaticly better life. Thay said, please first Try na try rehab let methadone be a last resort for many it's a lifetime commitment. F 29 7 years 1/3/2008
    3 Osteo Arthritis/Pre and Post OP Get really itchy sometimes, speeding heartbeat, mild constipation. I had a para acetabular osteotomy last year. I was on the Fentanyl patch for a couple of months but my surgeon said he wouldn't touch me if I was on that patch so my doc switched me to Methadone. I have to have ANOTHER surgery to fuse my bones together and they want me off my pain meds. I'm very scared for the side effect because even if I forget to take one methadone, I start feeling horrible withdrawls.. F 32 1.5 years 12/27/2007
    5 pain/opiate dependency I had loose bowel movements all my life. methadone stopped this immediately. night sweating at first during constant increasing which has stopped. Lower back pain (sciatica) and kidney pain has stopped. I do not experience fatigue as I work which is a big plus. My concentration increased,basically, everything in my life has changed for the better except for sex which is almost non-existing. I`ve been on and off opiates all my life, including long battles with heroin. I`ve overdosed on opiates three times (hopitalized) The last time my heart stopped and I was "paddled" back to life. I no longer experience any depression or any anxieties or other emotional disorders as I have had before taking methadone. At this time in my life I feel without methadone, I would not be alive. All the opiates, self medicating, along with chronic pain mostly all the time, leave methadone as a life saver and God send for me. I`d be in severe misery without it and probably will be on methadone for the rest of my life. M 58 3 years 12/14/2007
    5 Severe back and hip and neck pain Constipation, choking when drink or eat due to slowed motility of gut, Itchy skin,Weight gain, crave sugar and chocolate, Menstuation stopped,sweats,fluid retention ie swollen legs and arms, suppressed personality,constantly feel fatigued. Have suffered pain for 16 years from being run over by a vechicle, been on numerous pain medication and drug trials but methadone has given me pain control apart from numerous side effects and some break thru pain. This has been a miracle drug that allows me to get thru the day and get some sleep!100mg/day F 39 4 years 11/18/2007
    1 Rupture disk immediate nausea, vomitting, sweating, swelling, itching, constipation, confusion, spacey, insomnia My experience was awful. It took 3 days for the constant vomitting to stop. I couldn't even hold down water. The nausea was persistant. I wanted to rip my skin off, the itch was so bad. I swelled up like a balloon animal. I was dripping in sweat non stop. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think. And the relatively violent nature of the vomit and swelling, we'd say this goes down in my records as an alergy. It's been 2 weeks, and the constipation is only NOW starting to return to normal. It probably did it's job killing the pain, but I didn't notice as I was far to busy dealing with the side effects. F 34 1 days 11/5/2007
    1 chronic pain/ kidney tired all the time, could sleep for days straight I have to say this drug was the biggest mistake of my life. My doctor put me on percocet for pain but it would make me so drowsy and nauseas that he then switched it to methadone. I would take apprx. 30 mg a day. i did this for 3 and a half weeks before deciding to stop. I wanted my life back. I felt like I walked around high all the time and had no genuine feelings anymore. After 3 days hell broke loose. I ended up in the ER because my BP was through the roof. They gave me percocet which I took sporadically only when i felt i could no longer stand the withdrawls. Took the percs for 2 weeks during which i would go a few days without any and then break down and take 1 or 2 for relief. IT's been 5 days since i have taken anything. the withdrawls hit me instantly this time given that percocet doesn't stay in your system as long as methadone. On top of this, I have a 3 month old baby and my fiance is currently in medical school and has no time to help out. The bottom line is tha F 24 3 days 10/23/2007
    4 Treatment for opiate addiction Tooth decay (had to get bridges for 2 lost teeth), weight gain, very severe constipation to a point where no laxatives work at all and has turned into a big issue, chronically fatigued, the addiction to methadone is a problem as well. If I try to skip a day I go into immediate withdrawls. Numbness from feelings at times. Other than the side effects, the benefits outway the bad. I have been suffering from severe depression (Bipolar), addiction and suicidal thoughts since my early teens. Surprisingly, since starting the methadone the depression has been lifted. I feel like I was "blinded and now I can see." No cravings AT ALL. My demons are on vacation. If you do still have cravings you might need to go on a higher dosage. I don't consider this a miracle drug. To be honest with you, I would much rather be clear from methadone and be on nothing. Though, for someone like me who has been taking anti-pills my whole life and nothing has worked, you have to do what you can to survive. It's better then overdosing on drugs or committing suicide because you can't deal with the pain of your depression. Now, I am also a better, happier mother to my 3 year old son. I have the energy and peace within. I only recommend methadone for people with chronic relapse and no response to rehab or NA. Basically, a las F 25 2 years 10/13/2007
    4 hurniated disk L5-S1 insomnia WORKS GREAT ON PAIN, CHEAP, EFFICIENT, WIDE RANGE OF USES... very good rx IF YOU DON'T TAKE THIS DRUG FOR A "BUZZ", THEN YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS. if you take this drug and you are not abusing it but you are getting a "buzzed" feeling, lower the dose. M 29 8 months 9/26/2007
    5 Fibromyalgia/Degenerative Disc Dise Low sex drive, increased perspiration, became less extroverted. What anyone paying attention to these comments will notice is that for severe chronic pain, this drug tends to be a miracle drug, giving people their "lives back". However, for those who pollute western medicine with false complaints and addictive behavior, it proves to be the "devil's drug". I must admit, as a chronic pain sufferer, I must defend this medication. I have found amazing pain relief from Methadone HCL. Like many other, I spent years fighting the trials and tribulations of Vicodin treatment/addiction. Although I do not want to stay on Methadone for the rest of my life, if I had to the pro's would continue to outway the con's. If I was not put on Methadone when I was, I would have died. I would have died either by my own hand in an attempt to stop the curse that is Chronic Pain, or I would have died from the self medication that was my last desperate attempt TO MAKE THE PAIN STOP! However, now I have found peace within myself and do not blame myself for M 21 1 years 9/11/2007
    4 Multiple Chronic Pain Sleepiness when drug was wearing off. Usually I can work through it, as long as I have things to do. Addiction can be a problem and withdrawal symptoms are like having a severe flu, but for my pain, it was worth it. I've had severe pain since I was 12 years old and it makes it hard to have a life. This stuff makes it so I can have a relatively normal, pain free life and I don't have to worry about what kind of activities I'll do that might set something off. It does have a side effect that I don't mind... I seem to have an abundant amount of energy and the need to do something. I have severe pain. This includes migraines, cluster headaches, stress headaches as well as cramps from hell. I have a knee that doesn't work right, and from all the wear and tear, my hips and other knee is going. I have arthritis symptoms in my hands, wrists, and elbows. Basically, I got the crappy DNA, though no one will fess up where it comes from. Auto immune diseases run rampant through my family, so it seems like it's only a matter of time. Every day is a struggle to get through when my pain starts acting up. I've tried many different medications for each problem, but my tolerance level is so high anymore and it seems like the doctors have given up. Unfortunately, being my age I get to struggle to rise above the assumption that I'm drug seeking. While I go from low dose to multiple high doses per day within a month or two with other medications, it's been half a year and I'm only needing 10mg every few days. F 20 6 months 8/4/2007
    5 Neurapathy, amputation of toes, constipation, hard time sleeping, increased energy after taking med for about 2 hrs, Took many pain medicines, all would work fo A few hours then the pain would come back. Have herniated disks, fibromyalgia, severe neurapathy toes amputated from diabetes, psoratic arthritis. Pain was my life. After beeing hospitalized from the 18th time in 12 months from complications from my chronic probles, then dr decided to use methadone.I take 90 mg daily. I can function like a regular person, I can walk a little, I can get into the tub usually without help...can even make dinner if not too involved. I finally feelm likem a contibutating member of the human race. And then prescription nism sooo cheep! I even can go shopping minnma wheelmchair. couldn't even to gom, to a store. The quality mof my life increased 10m fold. M 47 18 months 8/1/2007
    4 treatment for heroin addiction profuse sweating, noticeable weight gain, extreme and intense constipation, tooth decay, disrupted sleep i've been on methadone for a year now, and while it has worked well for me, it's time to get off it. as you can see, i've experienced a lot of side effects. the sweating and constipation are the wost. if i walk for even 5 minutes, i literally have sweat rolling down my face, and the hair on the back of my neck gets drenched. i only have bowel movements once or twice a week, and i often have rectal bleeding as a result of the hard stools. i feel that i'm done with drugs, and that i've distanced myself from dope and rebuilt my lifestyle to include things that i enjoy and are good for me. methadone helped keep me afloat, if you will, while i changed my life for the better. i appreciate that it helped me while i needed it most, but i cannot for the life of me imagine staying on it for years and years. the side effects are too much for me, and quite frankly, i would rather be free of everything- including methadone- so that i can move on and leave that part of my life behind. F 25 1 years 8/1/2007
    5 Diabetic neuropathy, other pain constipation, lowered sex drive This medication has changed my life. I have been in severe, debilitating pain for 3 years, and methadone gave me my life back. I go to a pain clinic, take it as prescribed and no more, and am so happy I was prescribed this drug. I still have some breakthrough pain, which I take Lortab for. I take far less Lortab than I was before being prescribed methadone. As for it being addicting, I can't imagine why I'd ever need to stop taking it, but if I did, I would do it with my doctor's approval and help, so I don't worry about it. I have other medications that I will be dependent on for life, and I don't see this as any different. I agree with another person who said that addicts make life very hard for those of us who have legitimate reasons for needing pain medications. Before finding my wonderful pain doctor, I was often treated as though I was a criminal looking for a high, instead of a patient looking for relief from chronic pain. It makes me angry! As for getting high on this F 52 3 months 7/30/2007
    4 back pain sex drive-sweating tryed all other meds this is by far the best if wasnt for loss of sex drive would rate at 5. M 44 11 months 7/18/2007
    3 For drug rehab Sleeping to much, mood swings, sweaty nights Methadone will help the person if they dont get carried away. Methadone clinics will let you go as high as you want. I was more addicted to the methadone than i was when i took pain meds off the streat. Detoxing off of it is HELL! I felt like i was on acid. I had the burning cold chills and goose bumps 24/7. I got myself down to 10 ml a day for about two weeks then went cold turkey from there. It has been a month and i am just getting back to normal. Taking methadone three times a day is wrong. Your suposed to take it once in the morning. Methadone is a 48 hour drug so it will carry you throughout the whole day. Takeing t\\it three times a day is a drug habbit. Taking it when you need it is a drug forming habit. If you are on opiates then dont go on methadone if your not ready to quit cause it is a lot stronger than any other pill and is hell to get off, you will feel like your on acid the first week and not sleep much. Dont take xzanex to help out with the anxity casue then you will M 27 2 days 6/25/2007
    3 For chronic back pain swelling to hands and feet. tingling and numbness in hands and arms and the bottom of my feet. overall joint pain, and weakness. helped with my back pain...more so than other meds i have been on. however, my joints started to hurt badly, bending at the knees is a chore and that is how i am suppose to bend...especially after having back surgery over one year ago! F 24 6/18/2007
    5 Chronic Pain The only side effect I experience from time to time is constipation. But with a gentle laxative and stool softener, that problem disappeared. I have been suffering with chronic pain due to osteonecrosis for many years. I doubt if there is an analgesic, narcotic or otherwise, that my doctors did not try on me. Some of them helped a bit, others did nothing, and yet others made me sick to my stomach. Finally, about 4 years ago I joined the pain clinic at one of the major hospitals in my city at the suggestion of my family doctor. They enrolled me in their methadone pain management program, and it has opened a whole new world for me. Yes, there is still pain, but it is not of the nature where it interferes in my life anywhere near as much as it had in the past. I am no longer chasing the pain needing to take medication every 3-4 hours. The methadone keeps me at a constant level of pain relief 24 hours a day. I take 110 mg 3 times a day. I am never high or sleepy unlike some of the other medicines I have taken in the past. M 59 4 years 6/14/2007
    3 spondyL5-S1chronicAdditionaBackPain vomitting with upped dose, withdrawl after four days off, no withdrawl if you miss one or two days at end of supply, constipation i take 30 mg 4x/day every six hours. you have to take this medication on time or else you break the cycle of pain management relief and the threshold to reach the same relief rises and you must use more meds to reach the same level of relief initially. i use percocet five mg 3x/day for breakthru. constipation fixed with stool softener and laxitive. vomitting at increase but goes away after a bit. switching to fentanyl patch next month due to tolerance/ lack of pain relief. my pain is at 6-8, this medication brought it to 4-5 for approx six months. follow directions for use closely. DO NOT RUN OUT. this medicine does not make me high. it can be easy to think it is not working after months of use. but it is. dont underestimate the foundation of pain relief methadone can give most individuals. try switching or using breakthru only for three to four days to see how well it works... you willl be sorry, but you will know how well it actually works and never question it again. i am only switc F 26 1 years 6/11/2007
    3 spondyL5-S1chronicAdditionaBackPain continued i am only switching because my pain is so bad. also not a good drug for people with abuse issues. if you take too many and run out at the end of the month, withdrawl is terrible. try the patch instead. ive had chronic back pain for over ten years, have been on almost everything. feel free to email. F 26 1 years 6/11/2007
    1 chronic pain F 51 5 days 6/6/2007
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    4 spinal stenosis, ddd, degenerative bad constipation, night sweats, fear of being without , sex drive has disappeared after reading other comments, I realized just how much of my discomfort, not pain discomfort, is directly because of Kadian. My dr. prescribed morphine sulfate er this month and I was researching the difference between them. certainly the cost 900 Kadian I don't know yet the cost of the Morphone sulfate er. F 59 3 years
    100mg 2X D
    4 DDD, spinal stenosis constipation. Take MiraLax for it. MiraLax is great. Was on ms contin but after taking over a year I would get about 6hrs of relief instead of nearly 12 hrs. Seems to be doing great. What I like is that there are no peaks and valleys with it. Its the same as ms contin. Only difference is the way it is released into your system. It feels more even, smoother. M 40 3 days
    2X D
    4 Fibro, herniated disc Constipation I was on the duragesic patch for 2 1/2 years--it worked but I had a truly bad experience with a bad patch. Per my request my doc took me off of the patch & I needed to be on something and she recommended Kadian. I wish I new about this years ago--this works well for me. I am able to do a lot more--I don't have to worry about anything falling off and not getting the meds. With Kadian and any other controlled medication u must take it as scheduled -- don't miss a dose or you risk withdrawal symptoms. Great medication for those who need it--you must have chronic every day pain & have tried several other narcotics prior to using Kadian. Kadian is a great medication when prescribed ton the right person and taken properly. F 36 6 months
    60 2X D
    4 DDD, spondylosis, herniated disc Maddening constipation, but taking fiber pills & eating Shredded Wheat, apples. I can actually get out of bed! I also take Vicodin for breakthru pain. The only drawback is very few pharmacies carry this med. I had never heard of it before. Had taken MSER in the past & the difference is Kadian doesn't give you the high feeling, a GOOD thing. F 40 3 months
    20mg 2X D
    4 Severe Neck and Back Pain/Injuries Constipation resolved with stool softener/laxative. I was injured in 2000 and again in 2008. I am 38 years old and I have severe neck and back pain which basically took my life away from me. I have been on many medications and tons of Physical Therapy and chiropractic work. Nothing gave me as much relief that I get from Kadian. I also take it with Amrix (one nightly) and have Norco 10 for breakthrough pain. Since starting the Kadian, there has been a HUGE increase in my activity. I can walk around the block twice or ride my bike for about 20 minutes. I still have breakthrough pain, however, not near the pain I've been in for so many years. I can sleep through the night without pain waking me up any longer. I also don't notice much drowsiness as I did with other medications, however, the constipation is no fun. I took a laxative/stool softener nightly with no luck x 4 days. I finally drank MOM. Nothing. Drank MOM the next night and ohhhhhh let me tell ya...major incontinence on my way to work the next evening! Oh my gosh what a horror! So...I use the stool softener/laxative but will stay away from the MOM! All that said, I feel that my doctor has given me my life back by prescribing me Kadian and Amrix. Thanks Doc! F 38 1 years
    40 mg 2X D
    5 extreme pain constipation and the solution is: I take pysullium husks mixed with juice which helps with this issue. I take two heaping tablespoons every other day. You mix it and drink it quick(its a bit unpleasant tasting so I use juice not water) before it gels. I buy the pure husks at whole foods or trader joes! This med helps me lead a almost normal life. I would have a hard time without it!! I take 15mg oxycodone 3X's a day in addition! M 57 2X D 8/25/2010
    5 several auto immune diseases mild constipation, nothing otherwise i have several auto-immune disease causing severe/constant pain - systemic cns lupus & vasulitis affecting my heart, brain, connective tissue, pulmonary fibrosis, and suspected MS. i take enough meds as it is, only had to take it 2xday, great pain control, no stomach or fogginess issues, rarely needed my 'rescue' immediate release dilaudid. F 42 1.5 years
    60mg 2X D
    3 Chronic low back pain Constipation(pretty normal with narcotic pain killers) blurred vision(reading close up)and urination problems(starting). My local DR eventually had me taking (3) 7.5/750 Hydrocodone 3X a day. While it worked pretty well it lasted 2 hours and the doses just keep increasing. I HATED the ups and downs of the pain with this medication. I felt I was always planning my days with my kids based on my medication. Even planning days at work such as waiting to take my meds so I can sit through an hour meeting. I really liked the "time release" aspect of Kadian although it took a couple hours to kick in and NEVER lasted 12 hours like it was supposed to. I was given Morphone Sulphate Immediate Release (MSIR) 15mg, 2 tablets 2x a day and that helped with the delayed "kick in" but didn't help with the voids created with the Kadian not lasting 12hrs. While Skelaxin worked best, I had to switch to (2) 10mg Flexiral 2X a day. I still struggle with everyday tasks (20 mins on a riding lawnmower) resulting in a full day sitting in my chair "recovering." I guess I have to decide when enough is enough and seek surgery but until then this is better than it was. I have seen my father go through 3 surgery's, my oldest brother have 1 surgery and the middle brother go through 2 surgery's all with minimal temporary relief only to be worse off after the fact. I will put off surgery as long as possible. M 43 2 years
    60mg 2X D
    1 Multiple DVTs, Gallbladder stones Dry mouth, constipation and night sweats. Did nothing for my pain, absolutely nothing. Vicodin and Percocet worked better. M 46 30 days
    10mg 1X D
    1 I was not taking this but was able to avoid surgery for herniated discs. Visit for more information on magnetic devices. F 60 1X D 7/2/2010
    4 Low Back Pain Constipation, sweating, rash when combined with some other drugs. Eat high fiber foods like Fiber1, AllBran that control constipation. This works for low level constant pain, but when I walk more than 10 minutes without stopping, I get a horrible stabbing pain that nothing touches so far. Recently had to stop for 1 month, had no withdrawal symptoms except for sleeping alot for 1 week. Low level pain returned & went away when I started Kadian again. F 64 4 years
    30 mg 1X D
    3 spinal degeneration Constipation Stopping caused major side effects F 62 6 months
    60 2X D
    2 FMS, Periph-Neuropathy, Chron Pain, DRY MOUTH CONSTANTLY - Especially if I wake up during the night or wake-up in general. Always Constipated & Constipation causes more abdominal pain. More Fatigue than I already have from the Fibro, inconsistency w/length of effects. Sometimes it lasts 8H, generally only 9-10H tops. Have to use BT meds (Percocet 10/325) in between doses while waiting for next dose and/or when it starts wearing off. Sweating ALWAYS during sleep - sheets soaked. While it does well w/pain relief 2H after dose - 8Hrs, there is no consistency with continuous relief. I've had to put up with Kadian due to Medicaid mandates (Minimum 90 day trial) before I can switch back to Oxycodone ER 40MG. FAR BETTER RELIEF AND CONSISTENCY with Oxycodone ER 40MG. I don't understand why Medicaid would pay $450 more for this drug for 3 months instead of continue the Oxycodone ER 40MG. Why make us patients suffer MORE than what we already do. I can't stand how insurance/gov't dictate what is better for you than our Doctors!! There is NO difference between Kadian and Morphine ER - just a name difference. Morphine ER is $150, Kadian is $650, Oxycodone ER 40MG is $272. Go figure.... M 32 3 months
    60MG 2X D
    4 For back and leg pain Constant itching. Constantly needed benadryl. serious blurred vision. Doing and completing meaningless tasks. Thinking hat you are always correct. Strong drug. A good combination with existing medicine. Absence of pain. Canno function in real world activities. Wondering if I'll ever get a tolerance. Thinking that the world is actually flat. M 36 3 months
    120mg 1X D
    2 severe arthritis pain honestly felt i received no pain relief from this drug. i had taken vicodin and percocet previously. the percocet was far more effective. very disappointed. thought it would be better than previous meds tried. F 76 3 months
    2X D
    4 Spinal degeneration Of course with this type of drug withdrawal symptoms like sweats tend to come along with the medication. My physician has me on 0.1mg of clonidine 4 times a day to relieve these symptoms. Don't know what I would do without it. Many physicians unfamiliar with pain medications seem to be unaware of how helpful Clonidine is for sweats and other side effects of narcotics. Kadian has helped me live a somewhat normal life. I cannot do the things I would like to do but the severe pain is relieved. I also take Percocet 10/325 prn for break through pain. As my condition worsens I am afraid the dose of Kadian may have to be increased as walking is becoming increasingly painful. F 56 8 years
    130mg 2X D
    1 Herniated Discs and Surgery Not an effective RX for long term pain in my case although the doctors said it was for long term relief. I took 30mg twice daily with Norco for breakthrough pain. Doctor changed to 50mg once daily. I asked to be taken off of it and stay on Norco only CONSTIPATION M 29 2 months 1/26/2010
    3 Herniated Discs Constipation Taking one 60mg capsule 24 hour slow release at bedtime, gives me a good few hours sleep but pain control not last all day. Think doctor needs to give me something for the bad periods to take as needed during the day F 67 6 weeks 1/12/2010
    2 Back pain None that I expirenced I had bad back pain for about 6 years now. I first started with Kadian 30, one pill a day for a month and it seemed to do noting for my pain. I then went to Oxycodone, two 10/325 mg tablets a day. This seemed to help quit a bit, but still I was in a lot of pain while doing certain things. Yesterday my doctor put me on Kadian 20 which kind of disapointed me knowing Kadian 30 didn't work before. But this time I was to take the Kadian 20 plus my Oxycodone and thought that maybe that would help. It didn't as of yet, 24 hours later. The only reason I wanted someting different other then the Oxycodone is the Oxycodone don't last long enough and I have to go 14 to 15 hours with out any medication and I'm always being wakened from my sleep in pain. So I haven't goten a good night sllep in years, well ,maybe a few nights. I really don't think doctors give patiants a high enough does of pain killers so that a patiant can led a more normal life, and thats my problem.... any time I try to do anything I end up in pain for days and I'm pretty much a useless piece of meat..... So this is the seconed time I took Kadian, the first time for a month with no improvement in pain, and I didn't expect much with a lower dose this seconed time. Maybe I'll see an improvement in a few days, but I'm not counting on it. M 55 1 days 11/26/2009
    2 Neuropathy, OsteoArthritis Difficulty urinating is the weirdest, just have to relax and think about a waterfall. Constipation, every morning drink a liver cleansing potion of warm water, lemon juice with fresh squeezed ginger root, small splash of cayenne pepper sweeten with agauve nectar. And drink a few ounces of Aloe Vera juice every day. Really helps maintain a nicely formed stool daily nothing like that messy Miralax. If I take more than 20mgs Kadian three times a day I get uncomfortably sweaty with the least amount of exertion. Kadian works for a certain extent but get breakthough pain in my lower back and feet with no other meds for it, Doc just wants me to take more Kadian! Medicare won't pay for Skelaxin which works wonders. Sometimes get weepy & morose if I sleep 2 hours past dose time which can happen at times because of the lethargy. I have tried to detox myself off but it is hard and I don't recommend it to anyone. In the end there is no perfect drug although I am going back to the Pain Clinic to see what else might help. All of our bodies react differently to pharmaceutical chemicals and I wish our Doctors would be more aware of it. This site is a great way to self-evaluate my pain needs. F 50 2 years 11/26/2009
    5 neck, back, bilate shoulder pain Constipation, relieved with stool softners I have never taken Kadian but have a friend who is on it and she is doing great with 40mg BID. I take Opana which is a similar type of med (schedule II) The difference I see after reading the comments is that I never got the drowsiness, cotton mouth of the "high" that many experience. I take 40mgs every 12 hours and Norco for breakthrough. I have had 16 surgeries since 96 and can honestly say the my Pain MD nailed it. I now have what is considered an active life and play with my 4 grandkids without being bedridden the next day. If Kadian doesn't work the Opana might. Good luck to everyone as being in constant pain can really ruin a life. F 50 2 years 11/19/2009
    5 Chronic Back Pain Severe constipation cured by diet and Miralax, Cotton mouth - drink lots of water and sugarfree gum Drowsiness - keep going and let body adjust NO HIGHS which is important to me. The pain JUST disappears. Hydrocodone 5-mg/350-mg for break thru pain. Not all doctors know how to prescribe pain med's. I worked with a pain specialist (Voted Best Pain Dr.) to find what worked for me and what didn't. Kadian much better than pain patches for me! I've had to increase the amount over time but this amount is working for me. I'm not pain free but I now have a life. F 65 4 years 11/2/2009
    5 chronic back pain, 4 back surgeries constipation- controlled well with Miralax Have searched for 10 years for pain relief,Physical therapy,accupuncture many different drug combinations,patches etc. Taking 80mg twice daily along with oxycodone on rough days for 9 months and I am a different person. Kadian has been a God send for me. Be careful not to miss any doses of Kadian or Miralax. M 60 9 months 10/23/2009
    3 Firbo and failed back surgery Dry mouth, trouble urinating, dropsies with my wrists when holding something, terrible constipation...grrrrrr For the last 7 years I have been on 30 mg. MS contin with 15 mg. morphine IR 3 x'day. My pain Dr. put me on 1-100 mg. of kadian per day. Kadian is not near as effective as the MS contin and the morphine IR was. I am going to ask to go back on them and quit the kadian. My pain was pretty much at a 3-4 on a daily basis, but with the kadian it has jumped up to a 6. F 54 5 days 10/2/2009
    2 severe back pain constipation, forgetfulness, thinning hair,no libido,repeating myself constantly after one week, depression,very sleepy,cant get a full breath of air.100 mg. per day-on apiates 4 years-better than anything else-fear withdrawal,wish had never started. F 61 600 days 9/20/2009
    3 Kidney stones Intense vomity "rushing" feeling when it kicked in (and not in a nice way, not at all), sleepiness, constipation Worked very well indeed the first time - the pain was entirely gone very quickly. The second time about 2 days later it worked a bit but not nearly as well as the first time. It feels very unpleasant when it kicks in, not at all pleasant like I was expecting (given it's so frequently abused I was expecting to feel lovely and "high" and I didn't in the slightest). It's only worth taking if you're in a LOT of pain, and then only once or twice. M 29 3 days 9/15/2009
    1 back pain my life was all but gone. This drug practically killed me. My doctor had me on 130mg. of Kadian along with 8 15 mg. tablets of oxycodone a day, and up to 1600 mg of Skelaxin, and 4 1 mg tablets of Klonopin. Pretty much all I did was sleep. It is extremely addictive, and way too easy to undo the capsules and take out a few extra pellets. Your body will continually crave more. There is no way not to become addicted to it if you are on it for more than a short time. I was on all this stuff for 9 months, and finally went to a detox center for ten days to be taken off all of it. A month later, I am finally well enough to drive, walk, eat normally, but not sleep, my psychiatric doctor says it will probably be several more weeks before I'm back to normal. It was awful getting off the stuff, even at a place where they take good care of you and give you things to make you feel better. When I got home I was still in major detox, hallucinating, throwing up, everything including water tasted like cigarette ashes. I can't stress it enough- don't take this drug! F 53 9 months 9/3/2009
    3 3 herniated disks cervical & lumbar sweating that soaks everything, gastric statis that leads to sudden vomiting, unending battle with constipation, break through withdrawl symptoms, like I'd missed a dose when I haven't Chronic pain rules my life. After trying everything I started 20mg once daily, no relief until I got to 50mg 2x day, I still had break thru pain but only rec 4 tylenol #3/day for that due to my Dr.'s paranoia, I intially rec'd 6 to 8 a day & that worked well but he dec all his patients down to 4 a day lest someone injures their liver (why he can't prescribe it with aspirin I don't know). My life was tolerable for 2 1/2 years on this program but for last few months I develop withdrawl symptoms at 4am (from my 7pm dose) that last until about 10am, same thing in the evening, sometimes it covers & sometimes it doesn't & I cannot see what is making it so. I've tried eating, not eating, etc. I go today & I don't know whether to ask him to up it to 60mg twice/day or just to shoot me! F 49 3 years 8/24/2009
    4 I came to L.A for a short three day vacation and only brought a five days supply of Kadian with me, we have been have for eight days now and I don't have any medicine left. For the pass two dyas I havn't been able to sleep and my joints hurt like crazy, I have a refill at my pharmacy but calif won't accept my script from my out of state CVS. They stated that it's a state law that you must have your original script in order to fill it and be prepared to what at last a week for them to get it. I called at least fifteen stores and nobody stock Kadian out here so bring extra if your going on vacation and hide it will because it's a very popular street drug out here. M 54 4 years 6/30/2009
    3 cancer pain It made my mouth dry, and my skin all over my body, was SO itchy, even AFTER taking Benedryl. I was able to get high as a kyte, but the side effects were awful. F 36 365 days 6/17/2009
    4 fusion, 3 hern. discs, fibromyalgia Constipation is the most noticeable issue for me. I have also begin to have severe, untreatable itching all over my body; I had itching in just one spot for many months, and now it has spread (this is a side effect of morphine). Slept 12 hours or more per night for the first many months, but now I start to hurt severely all over if I stay in bed for more than 9 hours, so I *have* to get up! I was on generic morphine sulfate 3x/day for years, and switched to 130mg of Kadian to avoid gaps in pain control with 2x/day dosage. It does not control the pain as well as MS or Oxycontin. I was able to reduce my dosage slightly without any problems, one time when I wanted to try to quit (heh). I have not tried to quit completely, but it gives me hope. I wish doctors would prescribe Kadian for more than 30 days' supply. I drive four hours round-trip every month just to get 30 days' worth of pain medicine, and sometimes have to fight for getting it at a pain doctor's office I have been going to for five years! Of course, some of the problem is people who abuse morphine, but denying it to people who actually do need it is inhumane, and making patients pay for an office visit every month is greed on the physicians' part. To Actavis, the maker of Kadian : please find a way to make Kadian less abuse-able for those who would do that, so that maybe actual pain patients will have an easier time convincing doctors to prescribe it for mail-order amounts (90 days). Thank you! I did not choose a 5 rating here because it has not gotten rid of the pain, only lessened it. The rating chart says a 5 means "this medicine cured me" ... pain medicine does not CURE anything! F 37 8 months 5/19/2009
    4 spinal arthritis, fibromyalgia Hot flashes/sweats, constipation (controlled with Miralax), occasional sleepiness. Kadian has been effective in reducing pain, with some malingering. Previously prescribed oxycontin for more than a year and was then was switched to Kadian, 50 mg. I didn't notice a big difference in managing my pain. Also take breakthrough meds (Norco), which seem to work more effectively, but not long lasting. I also experience migraines which are controlled with generic Imitrex. Finally, I am also taking Celexa, which I feel may add to the hot flashes/sweats. The combination of meds may be exacerbating my menopausal symptoms. F 48 10 months 5/8/2009
    4 Stage 4 bladder cancer itching They just increased my dose from 40mg twice a day to 120mg twice a day. Very good pain killer but my pain is increasing so I may have to switch to something else soon. M 47 8 months 4/8/2009
    2 Arthritis, Fibromyalgia constipation,(which for me was great since I have Coilitis and have the runs 24/7..didn't have to take immod ad everyday).Now I have dry mouth,throat is sore, ears full,tongue hurts like I burned it taste buds off, but that could also be my sinuses acting up from spring pollen...have to wait a bit and see. It does not make me sleepy or high but have problems getting to sleep so using Melatonin for that.I do have Acne breaking out and only new thing has been the kadian, so assuming that is it..and it is getting worse..but I will keep trying it for now. A month ago started me on 20mg once a day , just increased to 2x a day. So far I have not seen much pain fact none really. Try it another month with the increased dose and see. F 56 31 days 4/6/2009
    4 Chronic pain Sweating Too expensive to take without patient program F 53 3 years 4/5/2009
    4 bulging disk,chronic shoulder pain 1st month I slept 12-16 hours a day My pain doc added this on to my oxycodone/soma/celebrex/flector patch cocktail because my pain was still so bad i couldn't sleep, even with a scrip sleep aid. 1st few weeks, all i did was sleep, but then i adjusted to it. I quit it cold-turkey after ~3 months. No side effects of quitting it, to my (and my doctor's) surprise! I now take it infrequently for really bad days. I have finally gotten some significant relief thru traction treatment. I've tried every other treatment out there, short of surgery (Im not a 'surgical patient'). Kadian definitely helped me thru some rough times. F 40 3 months 3/26/2009
    5 diabetic neuropathy constipation(bad) uses miralax daily to control. some sweats infrequently. full feeling in the ears causing pain when sounds are present. some problems getting urine to pass. no sexual ability whatsoever. extremely lethargic. ive tried every kind of pain killer on the market, even had a device implanted in my butt to deliver small shocks to my spine to control the pain(after 2 years they gave up trying to program it and make it work). the kadian is the only medicine that has been able to keep the pain just below the threshold, i know its there but i can get around and do some things. for all the problems it has its still better than the cocktail of drugs ive used before, every side effect is manageable, and the pain control is quite noticeable. this drug is a god send, without it i wouldnt be able to stay alive the pain is that bad without it. im currently using 600mg once a day with the 100ug fentyl patch. better living thru chemistry.(someone holds the copyright on that line). M 57 5 years 3/1/2009
    1 Chronic pain from previous injuries PAIN, LACK OF RELIEF I have been approved for Rx Assistance through Kadian Pharmaceticals (previously prescribed MS Conitin 60 mg, plus Percocet 10/325's for breakthrough pain) & this is my first day taking this brand of medication & in all honesty I must say that I am very disappointed. I have been suffering from chronic pain for many yrs (was injured in an automobile accident, have had multiple surgeries, in addition to developing Rheumatoid Arthritis & later Endometriosis) and have taken many different pain relievers (various generics/etc.) & before taking the Kadian brand of extended release morphine, the 60mg actually helped me, so long as I took oxycodone (Percocet) for breakthrough pain~but, this is like taking a placebo/sugar pill! Let me state for the record that I, like most people suffering from chronic pain, do NOT take opiate-pain-meds to 'feel good' or get high~it's a quality of life issue. And while I'm aware of slight differences between brands (regardless of what pharmacist F 38 1 days 1/30/2009
    4 shoulder injuries after MVA constipation; auditory hallucinations at night; initial daytime sleepiness for a few days with each 10 mg. dose adjustment I was unable to function with shorter-acting opiates(percocet),etc -this does not have me tired or loopy during the day. I also take vicodin PRN for break-through pain- Vicodin clearly worsens the Kadian side-effects. F 45 2 months 1/27/2009
    1 her disk none i was on viciodin worked better kadian does nothing M 57 1/16/2009
    1 headaches,const,loss of sleep,no sex drive,no appetite,feel drained i have been on kadian 20 mg once a day with norco 3 tabs three times a day for break through pain. i take kadian at night. i never had severe headaches before ever i have fibro and this is how they are treating it but i think the doc is over med me i take 3 soma a day 3 norco a day 1 30 mlg cymbalta they wanted me at 60 i said no also take 2 nebumentos for inflamation plus 20 mlg kadian i am only 33 i told them that the norco and the soma worked well but they said they did not want me on to many pills a day go figure lol i am goingto my pc today i have been to the er for the headaches i am done dealing with this i want them to actually listen to a patient i am sorry it is not that i want this med i need it i have 3 girls and need to be able to move it helps me it does not get me high it takes my pain to a level where i can still be the mom i want to be for my children but i know that they are going to say no no you are fine bla bla bla i am so sick of being sick and it is not just the F 33 2 months 11/17/2008
    5 Pain management hysterectomy Little bit of constipation. Make sure to eat plenty of fiber and take a stool softener. Very addictive. For me there was a high for the first couple of days, but that is over. Relieves the pain greatly for 6-8 hours. Also taking this along with Oxycodone. Dosage of Kadian is 20mg I am hearing that Kadian has bad withdrawel. But haven't reached that fun time yet :P This one makes me really sleepy! I take this before bed and I am out like a light within 10 minutes! I am on a low dose of 20mg.Suppose to take one in the morning (since I am still pretty much in bed all day, the tiredness is okay) and another one at night. Sometimes I have to cheat though, my tolerance has already gotten used to it, plus it is a very low dose. Helps manage the pain for 6-8 hours okay I guess. The doctor put me on this because after having a hysterectomy 7 weeks ago, I was still having a lot of pain and the oxycodone was barely helping anymore. I think my body has a high tolerance for pain meds. But I have a very low tolerance for pain!! I sure will be glad when this story of my life is over. This is one of those addicting drugs that takes a lot of will power to not take too many of to control the pain completely. And I am not even going to get into how bad it is with the oxycodone with the will power! I can sure see how people get addicted to it! The body goes nuts for it. At least mine sure is. I have had to be on so many pain meds for my health in the F 39 6 days 10/29/2008
    2 RLS and Fibromyalgia Can never quite feel awake, very jittery, stopped breathing twice when I was asleep. Did not work for the pain at all. F 37 5 days 10/6/2008
    3 Restless Leg Syndrome/Leg Pain Really bad nervous jittery feeling. Felt like my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. Could not sit still. Profuse sweating with chills. Seems more like taking speed than a narcotic. Does eliminate the RLS pain and discomfort but not worth the trade off of the side effects. After discontinuing Kadian RLS came back with a vengeance. M 50 5 days 9/19/2008
    5 Fibromyalgia trouble concentrating, sweating This stuff has been a miracle! Nothing else has helped me as much. I'm now on 30mg a day, with Oxycodone IR for breakthrough pain (which I almost never need.) I wish I had started this stuff ages ago, when I first got might have spared me a lot of suffering. M 1 months 9/11/2008
    5 Faild back syndrome Tired kind of fogy. Works well on the pain M 47 8 months 9/10/2008
    2 Fusion L4-L5 and L5-S1 Constipation is horrible. I take OTC MiraLax to get rid of it. I started eating apples and they help a lot. I have headaches that won’t go away by taking any OTC drugs. I have to sleep through my dosage or headaches get worse. I get a shaky feeling inside and I feel sick to my stomach quite often. I notice if I take the pill at 8pm and sleep until about 11am I feel pretty good the rest of the day. If I take the pill at 8pm and wake up at 8am I feel terrible for the rest of the day. The pain is not relieved from taking the medication. I also take Oxycodine 15mg immediate release for breakthrough pain. I stopped taking the Oxy because I thought that was what was making me feel bad, but now I know that it is the Kadian. F 41 6 months 8/16/2008
    3 low back/sacroilliac & hip pain CONSTIPATION & SEVERE ITCHING WITH RASH AND FINE BUMPS ALL OVER. Cannot sleep through the night, sweats and chills, wierd dreams,foggy slow thinking, 'don't feel like doing much' attitude. Mainly, the constipation, the terrible itching, and feeling like I have morning sickness 24/7. I don't even like eating tongue feels tingly, low appetite, nausea and fear of the dreaded CONSTIPATION! Kadian does the job...HOWEVER...I need to make a judgement call on overall feeling. Yes the pain is reduced yet the rest of me (my mind, body and spirit)is suffering one way or the other. Kadian 40mg/day. I also take 75mg of Lyrica 4xday(good for the nerve pain). I am so tired but can only grab cat naps. F 47 2 months 6/16/2008
    5 arthritis, cervical spondosis Slight constipation but controllable with extra fiber I was taking a lot of vicodin and still in contanst pain. I can finally function without thinking about he pain on a minute by minute basis. This has been a god send. M 50 4 months 5/10/2008
    1 Herniated disk L-5, S-1 constipation, dry mouth, trouble urinating, frequent urination, loss of sleep, weakness, shakes, nightmares, sweating, mood swings, headaches, loss of sexual drive, loss of sexual sensitivity, loss of concentration/focus, dry skin and sensitivity to light. I have been taking 80mg Kadian 2x a day, 8mg Tizanadine 2x a day and 150mg Lyrica 2x a day. Before Kadian i was on Darvocet. Darvocet didn't help my pain at all so my MD switched me to Kadian. Kadian brought my pain level down to a 6.5 out of 10, but if i miss a dose i am down for the day. THE BENEFITS OF KADIAN ARE NOT WORTH THE SIDE EFFECTS!! M 27 2 years 5/8/2008
    5 RA, L4-5, L5-S1 fusions, Some constipation, helped with high fiber fruits. Mild, occasional headache. I was on fentanyl patches but could not keep them on. Kadian relieves about half of the pain. I am on 100mg bid and an extra 30 mg qhs. I also have Vicodin, 1 bid prn, for break thru pain. It has given me some quality of life back. F 57 8 months 3/21/2008
    5 Herniated disc, spinal fusion SEVERE constipation, dry mouth, reduced libido, diminished thought processing, forgetfulness, difficulty urinating Since my daytime dose was increased to 90mg (evening dose 60mg), I HATE this drug! My pain relief is better but I can't function mentally, I can't go to the bathroom, I can't function as a woman with my husband most of the time (which he doesn't know), and I forget what I have said to people all of the time. I am absolutely miserable. I have tried every drug and every procedure except a morphine implant and I don't want to do that because of the risks. My current pain doc refuses to prescribe oxy to me because of threatening law suits. My family physician gave me a trial period and it worked wonders. I have got to find a doctor to prescribe that for me. NO MORE KADIAN FOR ME!!! F 47 3 days 3/10/2008
    5 L5-S1 disk fusion Only side effect I have is dry mouth and being thirsty quite often I have been on every pain pill there is. I take Kadian 50mg twice a day with percocet for breakthru pain. The Kadian doesnt give you the high feeling. It just does its job in treating the pain. M 30 1 days 3/7/2008
    2 back pain I went from taking Percocet several times a day to taking kadian 20 mg per day. It didn't help my pain yet made me tired, dizzy, and have headaches. F 40 63 weeks 2/20/2008
    1 Herniated disk c7, myofacial pain Horrible constipation, more than with any other opoid. Only had 2 movements per week , with much difficulity. Fullness in the ears, night sweats, interrupted sleep patterns, loss of libido, headache, moodiness and upset stomach The constipation was so bad that I thought all the other symptoms were a result of the constipation. Dr. put me on prescription MiraLax which helped the constipation but all other problems persisted. I went to Dr twice to ask him to take me off this nasty durg. He said he would not prescribe anything else. He thinks this is a wonder drug. I took myself off after the last visit and will never take this drug again. Now I am starting over with a new Dr and will go back to Percocet which does not cause these terible side efffects. F 47 2 months 2/12/2008
    3 for pain relief constipation F 34 2/7/2008
    5 rheumatoid arthritis F 7 days 1/24/2008
    5 fibro/lupus/arthritis/degen discs The main side effects I have experienced are of course constipation (as with any pain medication) and drowsiness. I have been on about any pain medication you could name and Kadian has been a life saver. I am currently taking 600mg daily (300mg in a.m. and 300 in p.m). To counter the side affects I use Miralax for constipation which is now over the counter. It can be used daily for years and not affect your system unlike most laxative/stool softeners which are not recommended for over 1 week. The drowsiness is controlled by taking Provigil. Before Kadian I had to use a walker (I was 30yrs old). I could hardly function enough to take care of my children, get dressed, do my hair, laundry- much less be a quality spouse to my husband! Now I still use a cane but my pain is significantly better! F 33 2 years 1/18/2008
    1 Interstitial Cystitis SEVERE HAIR LOSS!,VERY BAD Constipation, Mood Swings, Laziness, Tired all the time, Irritability, Depression My Doctor and I did every kind of test and he could not figure out why my beautiful blond hair continued to fall out! I thought it was a hormone imbalance because I've also had a hysterectomy, WRONG. Then I found out it might be the Kadian. Stopped taking it and what do you know? No more chunks of my hair in the shower drain!!! F 42 2 years 1/14/2008
    4 end plate defects, compression FX At first sleepiness and inability to urinate. I had to literally push on my bladder and also "bear down" like I was constipated. The first pill of the day wasn't too bad but after the 2nd one I would start to have trouble urinating. Of course I started getting severely constipated and literally had to put gloves on and dig it out! I had to use laxatives, enemas and suppositories. The pain from constipation was worse than the back pain and caused hours wasted in the bathroom and laying down due to the pain of it all. I have severe nightsweats now and wake up totally soaked with my pillow even soaked so much it needs to be washed and I have a pillow case and two pillow case covers on it! My pajamas have terrible body odor on them where the sweat was and I have a river of sweat running down my chest. I wake up in a chill from being drenched. Because of the side effects mentioned, I decided that although the kadian was working to curtail my severe mid-back pain, it wasn't worth the side effects. I went from 20 mg. twice a day to 30 mg. twice a day about one month after I started taking it because my pain level had increased. But then the problems voiding my bladder and bowels and nightsweats became so awful that I started taking only one 30 mg. pill a day. That allowed me to urinate fine and also alleviated the severe constipation as long as I sometimes take a laxative but the nightsweats continue every night and begin shortly after I fall asleep. I like that I don't have any high with kadian and that I can function like normal on it, but...the constipation, nightsweats and inability to urinate are completely unacceptable to me. The pain from not being able to eliminate properly is as bad or worse than the pain that causes me to take kadian so in my opinion that doesn't make any sense! IF there were NO side effects like I m F 43 2.5
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    5 tear in rotator cuffnoneM641 years
    4 mg12/9/2011

    3 Laparoscopic gallbladder removalI had severe itching all over my face, I woke up literally every five minutes due to itching, but since I was drowsy and out of it from the anasthesia, it took me a while to realize that the dilaudid was causing the problems. Once they stopped it and gave me IV benadryl I felt much better.The pain dulling effects were not particularly effective for me, perhaps because of the allergy, hydrocodone was much better for me.F23
    IV 1X D8/8/2011

    1 PainPlease please please don't ues this stuff. My best friend hung herself a week ago. She was a happy happy person with 3 grandchildren that she adored. They spent every other weekend together. She was packing to move closer to them and her son in a few days. The meds caused her to halicinate and become agitated. While packing, she suddenly became frustrated and minutes later took her life. She would never never have done that in her normal state. What a waste of a wonderful person.....all because of this very dangerous drug. I would destroy every last bit of it if I could.F57
    1X D6/22/2011
    4 post surgery shoulder/chronic painAfter being on this medication for a short period of time it become ineffective. I also noticed you go through withdrawal symptoms really quickly, throwing up and headaches. It must be taken every 4 hoursComing off of it now after almost a year needing it to help me with the chronic pain and two shoulder surgeries/ I am rather than pathches and eviler demons! So side effects of coming off ANXIETY, rapid heart beat, moody, itches, severe pain. However. I will and need to do this. I am using ativan for anxiety and the upset stomach. I am only on my second day off the medication and the "real" pain of my shoulder is so very real. I also am aF3510 months
    4mg 8X D5/21/2011
    3 severe painI have to say it stopped my severe stomach pain immediately!Had a bad reaction. it was given to me through an IV, and it immediately took the pain away, but then the room was looking like when you blink your eyes really fast, but at the same time your not blinking fast. The nurse left the room so I couldn't ask her if that was normal reaction and I didn't have a call button so I waited for her to come back. I didn't get to ask her. I came to a few hours later and nurse was doing something next to my bed and she said, "ah your awake, you scared us, you turned blue and wouldn't wake up and something about having to almost being intubated" and I then put my hands to my face and yup I had the oxygen mask on and saw some kind of gadget on bed. I asked at some point if I was allergic and she said NO just sensative. That stuff will put an elephant down! I guess it made my blood pressure drop really really low. I surely don't want that drug again EVER! But I think kinda the nurse should have known I could have had a bad reaction, since I did tell her I had a bad reaction to morphine, and with that I was barely breathing!F521 days
    ? IV 1X D2/9/2011

    4 Brain Hemorrhage (from Cavernoma)Difficulty breathing, vomiting, urinary retention.Was given dilaudid through my IV once it was found that my brain stem was bleeding and it took the head pain away immediately. However, I didn't realize until later that many of the effects I was feeling were due to the drug being administered to me. In the MRI, I had trouble breathing as my soft palate kept collapsing. I would go to the bathroom to urinate, but couldn't. I would vomit instead. Once the drug cleared my system, I stopped vomiting and was able to urinate again.F251 days
    1X D10/14/2010

    5 pulminary embolism during pregnancyvery very very bad sweating for about 10 minutes after getting the shot.this is what the hosp emergency started me on, i could not take anything else, ive never needed pain meds before, and i feel like if they started me on something less potant it would have worked, but bc i started on this it made my tolerance go very high, so in no time i had to take large amounts to get rid of pain. however it got me though eveything, but i did have trouble converting from pump and iv dosages to pills. and my body went through withdrawl, because to ween me off they tried morphone fenteyl patches and everything else so it was like i went cold turkeyF257 months
    10mg 6X D9/25/2010

    1 hospitalized for diverticulitisImmediate dizziness, tightness in chest, sensation of heat, extreme sweating, feeling of extreme intoxication, nausea, vomitingF531 days
    1X AN9/18/2010

    5 Kidney Transplant and C-SectionFatigue, seeing double, feeling calmThis drug was wonderful following my Kidney/Pancreas Transplant. Controlled the pain perfectly.F301 weeks
    1 migraine in ERuncomfortably high and dizzy, very short acting, migraine rebound is equal or worse than originallyway too strong in knocking you out of it (i am used to fiorinal3 or tylenol3), successfully covers pain quickly but completely not worth the experience because migraine comes right backF511 days

    4 kidney stonesI had taken this medication before and had little to no side effects, however was surprised to find that I woke up in the middle of the with a SEVERE migraine headache, which is ironic because I keep reading all these posts about how wonderful it is for treating migraines. I am a migraine sufferer and am curious to try dilaudid again for a migraine, because maybe the headache was kidney stone related?F221.5 days

    5 Damage of S1 nerve root (back)constipation (I use Miralax and Colace with great success)I was a prisoner to chronic pain. I have many medication allergies including Percocet and Morphine. I took Tylenol w/Codeine for 3 years. After my Physician convinced me to try Dilaudid I wouldn't go back to anything else. After stopping the Codeine I realized how much GI distress it caused along with headaches. I have no side effects and my pain is manageable. I am also an RN (that's how I injured my back)and was afraid because Dilaudid is a major narcotic, but it works for me without causing any drowsiness or sedation. I am alert and can drive.F475 years

    4 Back pain / hand injuryconstipation, head ache, depression,After a crushing injury to my hand I was given morphine in the ambulance then I was transfered to a Care Flight helicopter (several bones were turned to powder and I was bleeding from an artery) and in the helicopter I was given Dilaudid. Dilaudid did fantastic job of relieving pain. after the hand injury I was perscribed it in a lowed dose for my back pain from an injury 10 years earlier. I stopped taking Dilaudid because of the side effects specifically the depression with the head ache a close second. I still use and prefer Dilaudid for break through pain with a pain level 5 or up.M382 days

    4 Fall/InjuryWarm, flush sensation, nothing ill toward.M394 times

    3 post-op ortho surgeryAwful unrelenting nausea and vomiting, severe sedationIt was probably a combo of coming off general anesthesia and the dilaudid PCA, but I was so incredibly sick I almost wanted to die. It helped with my pain but also knocked me out and caused me to vomit for daysF241 days

    5 severe back paintrouble urinating, weak flow starting and stoppingwhats the difference of regular vs hp?M52
    1 post bilateral mastectomyInsane itching on my trunk then all over, from my scalp to my toes. The itch felt like it was on the inside of my body so nothing helped it. I had small waves of some type of numbness from my head down my face. That did not hurt, it was just a strange sensation. All this ended when they took me off of it.I was on the pump. I woke up in recovery in severe pain. Further doses over the next few days didn't really seem to help the pain. I was switched to another drug after they realized I was having a bad reaction to the Dilaudid. For me, the newer drug worked much better.F493 days

    5 Groin pain, testicle painOther than the typical narcotic buzz, nothing.This is some great medication to kill pain. I got an IV shot in the ER and it stopped the pain dead in its tracks. I've had no side effects at all, have found this drug to be a godsend.M451 days

    5 back surgery recoveryi didnt have any side effects. i woke up in the recovery room in pain that i cannot describe after back surgery. (L4/L5 laminectomy) morphine, demerol... nothing took the pain away and tho i didnt realize it at the time, i thought i was moaning when i woke up. my husb said he could hear me outside the double doors! i remember hearing the name DILAUDID and the nurse asking me if i was allergic or ever had it or wanted some. i said YES GOD give me whatever you have, i am about to die. NEEDLESS to say, she put it in my IV and i woke up some time later in my room. i was tucked in my bed.... and out of pain. when it wore off they began a regimen of 20MG oxiconting (time releaseed) every 12 hours: 2- 10 mg lortab every 4 hours: and 2 5mg oxycodone every other 4 hours when i wasnt taking the lortabs. All i know is that was in March 2008 and it is now September and I am still in pain. even by taking soma, loritab and NSAIDS........ i wish i had my own dilaudid for the night time when iF371 times

    1 after surgerypanic ,could not stay still,horriblenot for meF481 times
    5 Severe GI tract Painwithdraw effects after being off it.This was given to me through an IV at the hospital for 5 days. It worked wonderfully. Your body/brain does need to be opiate tolerant to handle narcotics though. This is a potent analgesic. The only bad thing, as with any narcotic, is the withdraw. That cleared up in a few days though and consisted of mainly a "wanting or needing" the drug after I was home.M395 days

    5 Back Injury and EndometrisisShort acting compared to other narcotics, headacheDid not make me sleepy or feel "drugged". In fact I went from grumpy and in tremendous pain, to feeling like my happy self. You would never know I was on medication. I felt "normal" the only problem was it was short acting and I did develope a bad headache that was relieved with 2 Excedrin.....however, I am no stranger to headaches/migraine. Unlike other narcotics, constipation wasn't an issue either......TMI?F405 days

    3 MCL strain and ACL tearnausea, sweating, dizziness, hot flashes, light-headedI went to the ER after I injured my knee (not knowing what had happened yet) and they gave me an injection. I got a little light-headed at first but nothing bad. After we left the hospital to get my crutches I started sweating profusely and dry-heaving. I couldn't talk well and we had to pull over multiple times because I thought I was going to throw up. I was very disoriented and it took a good 30-45 minutes for it to pass. It helped with the pain, but the side effects were too unbearable for me to think about taking it again.F261 times

    2 Post- surgery painI did not like the feeling of not being able to keep my eyes open while at the same time feeling wide awake. I did not notice much pain reduction.F511 times

    1 PCA Post Surgical Knee ReplacementDifficulty breathing. Two episodes of gasping for breath requiring the respiratory team to be called to the hospital room STAT. Felt like throat was closing up completely.It was hard for them to diagnose as a reaction to Dilaudid since I had been receiving the drug since surgery (5:00 PM on Monday). On Tuesday morning I begin to have a hard time breathing (felt like I could not get a good breath). During physical therapy (I had just used the PCA prior to Physical therapy coming to my room) I had a very hard time breathing. Around 4:30 that evening I was experiencing surgical pain and used my PCA again, within 10 minutes I could not breath at all, gasping for breath. They increased my oxygen and put a humidifier on the oxygen and gave me a shot of morphine. The last episode occurred around 7:30. I was again experiencing surgical pain and pressed the PCA on recommendation of my nurse. Again, with 5-10 minutes I began to experience the same thing again. I could feel it coming on this time. I could not get a breath at all, it was like my throat had completed closed up. They removed my PCA and gave me a “breathing treatment”. EventuallyF632 days

    2 post-opHelped with pain issue but side effects horrible.Delusional thoughts,halutionations,paranoia.F472 days

    2 post surgery2 psychotic episodes, hallucinations, panic attackworked for a few days, then the episodes happened. Changed off to Vycodan, which was OK.F873 days

    3 MigraineThe medication worked fine, but I felt it was serious overkill. Plus I learned later that I had medication overuse migraines. The after effects of a narcotic when I don't take them for anything else were that my Medication Overuse Headaches got worse, became almost daily instead of bi-weekly. Since this happened after the medication and not before, I can only assume it was partially the cause.F421 times

    4 migraineWithdraw if not taken constantly. Must always make doctors appointment on a timely basis so as to not be caught short.This has been a life saver to give me a normal life again. I have been taking stadol for a longer time period but it was so expensive476 months

    4 severe sciatic/back pain-4 yearssleepiness......dry mouth...I've been on the 4 mg tabs for a few days now...went into hospital COMPLETELY unable to walk and can now with cane and the help of this's not for everyone but it does help me....however will be going on ms contin soon also as my condition is deteriorating. was on the 2 mg tabs for 2 weeks to startF363 weeks
    1 For some reason after a seizureEXTREME itchiness, then another seizureI'm sure it was just an allergic reaction I had to it, but I relapsed into another seizure... it's not for me, that's for sure.F201 times

    1 After SurgeryIt just sucksDon't get this crap, it's horrible!F253 days

    4 Broken armNausea for the first 4-5 days, blurred vision, extremely slow colon, after 10 days trouble sleeping, itching on and off for 10 days which may mean a bit of allergic reaction, not as effective for pain the longer I took it, mild to moderate sedation at first and your brain does not work like it should!!!Get a prescription for an anti nausea medication just in case, do not drive, drink large amounts of water, eat more fiber, and if possible some form of exercise to help keep colon working or get a colonic.F4417 days

    1 pain after surgeryterrible, disorientation, dry mouth, irrational thinking verging on hallucination. Feeling of emotional upheaval, for the most part it releaved the pain but metally it was like a trip to hell. This is not like other narcatics which help pain and give you a slightly good feeling opposit of Demeral.If you can not take percocet don't take this it is awfull!!!!F465 days
    5 MigraineSome constipation. Disruption of sleep.This med without question alows me to live a normal life dispite intractable migraine. I have been taking it for years and although I require 10-14mg IM doses, it still works. It relives pain with fewer side effects than any other by far. I am preparing to return to work for the first time in 8 years-on the medication. I have twin new baby girls-on the medication. I am thankful for it, and I am very careful with it.M465 days

    5 kidney stonesitchieness, stoned feelingi received dilaudid intravenously in the ER. as soon as the injection got into my IV my neck muscles tightened then loosened and i was enveloped in a chemical haze. no painF182 days

    5 Sciatica-Lumbago-Disc DegenerationIt works very well for breakthrough pain incidents which tended towards strong nerve pain -- all other things being equal...many people may require a metabolic adjustment in dosing this medication and several other factors seem to cause the relative strength of hydromophone to vary from patient to patient.While it is a more comprehensive painkiller than even morphine with a more rapid onset, it had proven unreliable over my years of taking it intermittently until very recently when the doctor wrote instructions which allowed for rapid dose escalation to acheive the needed pain relief.M33

    5 extreme neuropathy whole bodyhyper, constipation, sleepy, vomit for 4 hours every 5-6 days with the morphine I vomitted every other day for 4-5 hours Dilaudid in the pump gave me my life back!a Intrethecal Infusion pump was put inside me in 2002 filled with morphine I developed morphine poisoning and dilaudid was put in the pump in 3/04. it is wonderful! In 2000 I spent most days in bed and walked with 2 canes now I can play golf no canesF5815 days

    4 broken wrist and armOnly side effects for me have been fatigue and weird dreams.I like the way I can still function around the house when I take it.F5214 days

    3 bulging disks, bone spursdizziness, sleepiness,headacheseemed to work well for the first few days, then suddenly stopped working by about 50%.F322 weeks

    4 asdfasdf

    4 neuropathy, severe muscle pain, etcbarely any, mild lightheadness first few minutes when getting it, some drowsiness at timesI have a rare disorder that causes me severe chronic progressive muscle and nerve pain and also causes me migraines, abdominal, pelvic pain and some back and joint problems. I've tried all the pain meds out there it seems and oral pain meds seem to have way too many side effects on digestive disorders I have, the IV med so far has none at all. I just get slightly lightheaded at first and then it does run out about half an hour early and I get kinda drowsy and figity then. I dont have a pump yet, am going to look into that and hopefully that will help with those problems. Otherwise its a blessing.F252 weeks

    5 P.O. painNone, mildly euphoric.Worked great for P.O. pain after I had surgery on my hand for a boxing type knuckle fracture. If I need a script for a take home pain killer I'd rather have them give me a script for dilaudid instead of percocet.M231 months
    4 kidney stonesextreme feeling of being high, hallucinations, dizziness, dry mouth, slight constipation.I have suffered with kidney stones for 14 years and have had 12 attacks. If anyone on earth knows pain.. it's me! I have had every kind of pain killer available and dilaudid seems to be the best choice for me.F312 days
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    This medicine is a light blue, round, scored tablet imprinted with "54 199".

    This medicine is a blue, round, scored tablet imprinted with "A 215".
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    (alprazolam) Tablets, USP

    XANAX Tablets contain alprazolam which is a triazolo analog of the 1,4 benzodiazepine class of central nervous system-active compounds.
    The chemical name of alprazolam is 8-Chloro-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4H-s-triazolo [4,3-α] [1,4] benzodiazepine.
    The structural formula is represented to the right:
    Alprazolam is a white crystalline powder, which is soluble in methanol or ethanol but which has no appreciable solubility in water at physiological pH.
    Each XANAX Tablet, for oral administration, contains 0.25, 0.5, 1 or 2 mg of alprazolam.
    XANAX Tablets, 2 mg, are multi-scored and may be divided as shown below:
    Inactive ingredients: Cellulose, corn starch, docusate sodium, lactose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and sodium benzoate. In addition, the 0.5 mg tablet contains FD&C Yellow No. 6 and the 1 mg tablet contains FD&C Blue No. 2.

    What are the possible side effects of alprazolam (Niravam, Xanax, Xanax XR)?

    Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
    Call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects:
    • unusual risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger;
    • depressed mood, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself;
    • hyperactivity, agitation, hostility, hallucinations;
    • feeling light-headed, fainting;
    • seizure...
    Read All Potential Side Effects and See Pictures of Xanax »
    What are the precautions when taking alprazolam (Xanax)?

    Before taking alprazolam, tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to it; or to other benzodiazepines (such as diazepam, lorazepam); or if you have any other allergies. This product may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems. Talk to your pharmacist for more details.
    Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist your medical history, especially of: severe lung/breathing problems (such as COPD, sleep apnea), liver disease, kidney disease, drug or alcohol abuse, glaucoma.
    This drug may make you dizzy or drowsy. Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that requires alertness until you are sure you can perform such activities safely. Avoid alcoholic beverages.
    Before having surgery, tell your...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmpy7ogl

    "PAIN KILLER" was patented by Perry Davis in 1845. It is believed to be the first nationally advertised remedy specifically for pain - as distinct from a particular disorder. "Pain Killer" was distributed by Christian missionaries around the world. In its heyday, Perry Davis' "vegetable elixir" was widely regarded as a wonderdrug. Its ingredients, mainly opiates and ethyl alcohol, were entirely natural. The concoction was created Perry Davis in 1840. Since "Perry Davis Pain Killer" was a registered trade brand name, there was no legal requirement to make its ingredients public on the bottle
    Professor Heinrich Dreser
    (1860 - 1924)

    Enjoying the delights of Heroin made Heinrich Dreser
    and his fellow chemists at Bayer feel "heroic" (heroisch).
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    Velvet Undergroundheroin.mp3
    " I don't know just where I'm going
    But I'm gonna try for the kingdom, if I can
    'Cos it makes me feel like I'm a man
    When I put a spike into my vein
    And I'll tell ya, things aren't quite the same
    When I'm rushing on my run
    And I feel just like Jesus' son
    And I guess that I just don't know
    And I guess that I just don't know
    I have made the big decision
    I'm gonna try to nullify my life
    'Cos when the blood begins to flow
    When it shoots up the dropper's neck
    When I'm closing in on death
    And you can't help me now, you guys
    And all you sweet girls with all your sweet talk
    You can all go take a walk
    And I guess that I just don't know
    And I guess that I just don't know
    I wish that I was born a thousand years ago
    I wish that I'd sail the darkened seas
    On a great big clipper ship
    Going from this land here to that
    In a sailor's suit and cap
    Away from the big city
    Where a man can not be free
    Of all of the evils of this town
    And of himself, and those around
    Oh, and I guess that I just don't know
    Oh, and I guess that I just don't know
    Heroin, be the death of me
    Heroin, it's my wife and it's my life
    Because a mainer to my vein
    Leads to a center in my head
    And then I'm better off and dead
    Because when the smack begins to flow
    I really don't care anymore
    About all the Jim-Jim's in this town
    And all the politicians makin' crazy sounds
    And everybody puttin' everybody else down
    And all the dead bodies piled up in mounds
    'Cos when the smack begins to flow
    Then I really don't care anymore
    Ah, when the heroin is in my blood
    And that blood is in my head
    Then thank God that I'm as good as dead
    Then thank your God that I'm not aware
    And thank God that I just don't care
    And I guess I just don't know
    And I guess I just don't know "

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    "PAIN KILLER" was patented by Perry Davis in 1845. It is believed to be the first nationally advertised remedy specifically for pain - as distinct from a particular disorder. "Pain Killer" was distributed by Christian missionaries around the world. In its heyday, Perry Davis' "vegetable elixir" was widely regarded as a wonderdrug. Its ingredients, mainly opiates and ethyl alcohol, were entirely natural. The concoction was created Perry Davis in 1840. Since "Perry Davis Pain Killer" was a registered trade brand name, there was no legal requirement to make its ingredients public on the bottle
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    Doses of GBR12909 that suppress cocaine self-administration in non-human primates substantially occupy dopamine transporters as measured by [11C] WIN35,428 PET scans
    Villemagne VL, Rothman RB, Yokoi F,
    Rice KC, Matecka D, Dannals RF, Wong DF
    Department of Radiology,
    Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions,
    Baltimore, Maryland 21287-0807, USA.
    Synapse 1999 Apr; 32(1):44-50

    GBR12909 (GBR) is a high-affinity, selective, and long-acting inhibitor of dopamine (DA) uptake that produces a persistent and noncompetitive blockade of DA transporters and substantially reduces cocaine-induced increases in extracellular DA in the nucleus accumbens of rats. Prior studies showed that intravenous infusion of GBR to Rhesus monkeys selectively reduced (1 mg/kg) and eliminated (3 mg/kg) cocaine self-administration. This study tested the hypothesis that doses of GBR that reduce cocaine self-administration in nonhuman primates produce significant occupation of DA transporters. DA transporters were quantitated in two baboons using [11C]WIN35,428 and positron emission tomography (PET). Each baboon underwent paired control/blocked PET scans (performed on three separate study days, 3-4 weeks apart). On the first scan the baboon received saline (3 ml/kg) 90 minutes before the injection of the radiotracer. GBR (1 mg/kg i.v.) was infused 90 minutes before the second [11C]WIN 35,428 study. The same experimental design was repeated with GBR doses of 3 and 10 mg/kg, respectively. Doses of 1 (n = 2), 3 mg/kg (n = 2), and 10 mg/kg (n = 2) reduced binding potential by 26, 53, and 72%, respectively. GBR was well tolerated in all baboons. These results demonstrate that doses of GBR that suppress cocaine self-administration in nonhuman primates also produce high occupancy of the DA transporter. These data strongly suggest that occupancy for the DA transporter by GBR explains its ability to attenuate cocaine-induced increases in extracellular DA and to suppress cocaine self-administration. Moreover, these data suggest that experimental human studies of orally administered GBR to test the DA hypothesis of cocaine addiction should use doses that produce at least 70% occupancy of the DA transporter.
    an primates substantially occupy dopamine transporters as measured by [11C] WIN35,428 PET scans
    Villemagne VL, Rothman RB, Yokoi F,
    Rice KC, Matecka D, Dannals RF, Wong DF
    Department of Radiology,
    Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions,
    Baltimore, Maryland 21287-0807, USA.
    Synapse 1999 Apr; 32(1):44-50


    GBR12909 (GBR) is a high-affinity, selective, and long-acting inhibitor of dopamine (DA) uptake that produces a persistent and noncompetitive blockade of DA transporters and substantially reduces cocaine-induced increases in extracellular DA in the nucleus accumbens of rats. Prior studies showed that intravenous infusion of GBR to Rhesus monkeys selectively reduced (1 mg/kg) and eliminated (3 mg/kg) cocaine self-administration. This study tested the hypothesis that doses of GBR that reduce cocaine self-administration in nonhuman primates produce significant occupation of DA transporters. DA transporters were quantitated in two baboons using [11C]WIN35,428 and positron emission tomography (PET). Each baboon underwent paired control/blocked PET scans (performed on three separate study days, 3-4 weeks apart). On the first scan the baboon received saline (3 ml/kg) 90 minutes before the injection of the radiotracer. GBR (1 mg/kg i.v.) was infused 90 minutes before the second [11C]WIN 35,428 study. The same experimental design was repeated with GBR doses of 3 and 10 mg/kg, respectively. Doses of 1 (n = 2), 3 mg/kg (n = 2), and 10 mg/kg (n = 2) reduced binding potential by 26, 53, and 72%, respectively. GBR was well tolerated in all baboons. These results demonstrate that doses of GBR that suppress cocaine self-administration in nonhuman primates also produce high occupancy of the DA transporter. These data strongly suggest that occupancy for the DA transporter by GBR explains its ability to attenuate cocaine-induced increases in extracellular DA and to suppress cocaine self-administration. Moreover, these data suggest that experimental human studies of orally administered GBR to test the DA hypothesis of cocaine addiction should use doses that produce at least 70% occupancy of the DA transporter.
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    Acute effects of cocaine on
    human brain activity and emotion
    Breiter HC; Gollub RL; Weisskoff RM; Kennedy DN;
    Makris N; Berke JD; Goodman JM; Kantor HL;
    Gastfriend DR; Riorden JP; Mathew RT; Rosen BR; Hyman SE
    Department of Radiology,
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Harvard Medical School, Boston 02129, USA.
    Neuron, 1997 Sep, 19:3, 591-611


    We investigated brain circuitry mediating cocaine-induced euphoria and craving using functional MRI (fMRI). During double-blind cocaine (0.6 mg/kg) and saline infusions in cocaine-dependent subjects, the entire brain was imaged for 5 min before and 13 min after infusion while subjects rated scales for rush, high, low, and craving. Cocaine induced focal signal increases in nucleus accumbens/subcallosal cortex (NAc/SCC), caudate, putamen, basal forebrain, thalamus, insula, hippocampus, parahippocampal gyrus, cingulate, lateral prefrontal and temporal cortices, parietal cortex, striate/extrastriate cortices, ventral tegmentum, and pons and produced signal decreases in amygdala, temporal pole, and medial frontal cortex. Saline produced few positive or negative activations, which were localized to lateral prefrontal cortex and temporo-occipital cortex. Subjects who underwent repeat studies showed good replication of the regional fMRI activation pattern following cocaine and saline infusions, with activations on saline retest that might reflect expectancy. Brain regions that exhibited early and short duration signal maxima showed a higher correlation with rush ratings. These included the ventral tegmentum, pons, basal forebrain, caudate, cingulate, and most regions of lateral prefrontal cortex. In contrast, regions that demonstrated early but sustained signal maxima were more correlated with craving than with rush ratings; such regions included the NAc/SCC, right parahippocampal gyrus, and some regions of lateral prefrontal cortex. Sustained negative signal change was noted in the amygdala, which correlated with craving ratings. Our data demonstrate the ability of fMRI to map dynamic patterns of brain activation following cocaine infusion in cocaine-dependent subjects and provide evidence of dynamically changing brain networks associated with cocaine-induced euphoria
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    Further SAR studies of piperidine-based analogues of cocaine. 2. Potent dopamine and serotonin reuptake inhibitors
    Tamiz AP, Zhang J, Flippen-Anderson JL, Zhang M,
    Johnson KM, Deschaux O, Tella S, Kozikowski AP
    Drug Discovery Program,
    Institute of Cognitive and Computational Science,
    Georgetown University Medical Center,
    3970 Reservoir Road, NW,
    DC 20007-2197, USA.
    J Med Chem 2000 Mar 23; 43(6):1215-22


    The synthesis and monoamine transporter activity of additional members of a series of 3,4-disubstituted piperidines (truncated analogues of the WIN series) are described. All members of this series were prepared from arecoline hydrobromide in optically pure form and were evaluated for their ability to inhibit high affinity uptake of dopamine (DA), serotonin (5-HT) and norepinephrine (NE) into rat brain nerve endings (synaptosomes). Most of the compounds prepared in this series are reasonably potent DAT inhibitors (K(i) values of 4-400 nM) and have selectivity for the 5-HT transporter relative to both the NE transporter (3-9-fold) and to the DAT ( approximately 25-fold). In the present series, (-)-methyl 1-methyl-4beta-(2-naphthyl)piperidine-3beta-carboxylate (6) was found to be the most potent piperidine-based ligand, exhibiting K(i)'s of 21 nM and 7.6 nM at the DAT and 5-HTT, respectively. While the 5-HTT activity of compound 6 is comparable to that of the antidepressant medication fluoxetine, it is less selective. As is apparent from the data presented, the naphthyl substituted piperidines 6-9, which differ in their stereochemistry, show different degrees of selectivity for the three transporters. Consistent with results reported in the literature for the tropane analogues, removal of the methyl group from the nitrogen atom of 9 leads to a further enhancement in 5-HTT activity. To examine the in vivo effects of these piperidines, preliminary behavioral screening was carried out on piperidine 14. Despite its 2.5-fold greater DAT activity compared to cocaine, piperidine 14 was found to be about 2. 5-fold less potent in increasing distance traveled in mice. However, consistent with its DAT activity, piperidine 14 was found to be about 2.5-fold more potent than cocaine in enhancing stereotypic movements. Further studies of these piperidine-based ligands may provide valuable insights into the pharmacological mechanisms underlying the enhancement in distance traveled versus stereotypic movements. The present results have important implications for better understanding the structural motifs required in the design of agents with specific potency and selectivity at monoamine transporters.

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    Coca In Bloom

    There are around 250 species of erythroxylon plants. At least 20 produce cocaine. Only two of them, erythroxylon coca and erythroxylon novogranatense, typically yield enough cocaine to justify commercial cultivation. Chewing leaves of coca normally induces a pleasant and subtle sense of well-being. Other routes of administration may exert a more dramatic impact on the user; and pose substantially greater risks to health.
    Yet sensitivity to coca-extract varies. Paola Mantegazza (1831-1910), an Italian physician working in northern Argentina in the 1850s, seems to have been unusually receptive to its properties:
    "...I sneered at the poor mortals condemned to live in this valley of tears while I, carried on the wings of two leaves of coca, went flying through the spaces of 77, 438 words, each more splendid than the one before...An hour later, I was sufficiently calm to write these words in a steady hand: God is unjust because he made man incapable of sustaining the effect of coca all life long. I would rather have a life span of ten years with coca than one of 10 000 000..(and here I has inserted a line of zeros) centuries without coca."
    The capacity "of sustaining the effect of coca all life long" will indeed not come from God - nor from godliness. Nor will it come from wholesome living and clean thoughts. This is because we are born with a "hedonic-treadmill" of mood-regulating negative-feedback mechanisms in the CNS. The hedonic treadmill is vicious. It prevents us from subverting our gene-driven "set-point" of emotional well/ill-being by cosmetic lifestyle-adjustments. Fortunately, the application of designer-drugs, nanotechnology and gene-therapy promises eventually to get rid of suffering and malaise altogether. If we choose to abolish them, then the metabolic pathways of unpleasantness can be edited out of existence.
    Better still, our genetically-enriched successors will be able to enjoy life-long bliss far richer than anything a drug or plant-extract can induce at present. The well-being of our descendants will be deeper, more diverse, more intense and (perhaps) more empathetic than anything physiologically accessible to drug-naïve mortals today. In the new reproductive era ahead, genetic disorders such as ageing and a capacity for aversive experience are destined to disappear into the evolutionary past. For tomorrow's paradise-engineers will rewrite the human genome to serve our own interests rather than selfish DNA.
    But large-scale genetic-rewrites take time. The use of biotechnology to abolish suffering throughout the living world - and a possible Post-Darwinian Transition to paradise-engineering - will take many centuries, perhaps even millennia. And on the whole, we want to be happy right now.
    Unfortunately, recreational drugs like cocaine offer only a deadly short-cut to nirvana.
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    Erythroxylon Coca

    Coca leaves have been chewed by South American Indians for many thousands of years to induce a mild and long-lasting euphoria. Anthropologists have speculated that the word cocaderives from the pre-Incan Tiwanaku word khoka - meaning "the plant". The Aymara word q'oka means "food for travellers and workers". The Incas in particular venerated coca. They used coca in magical ceremonies and initiation rites; for divination and fertility rituals; and to heal their physical and psychic woes. Two of the Inca emperors named their wives after the leaf - the honoured consorts were given the plant's sacred title, Mama Coca. The only object ever carried by the Inca emperor himself was a coca pouch. He wore it around his neck close to his heart.
    In the Inca period, the elite regarded the sacred leaf as far too good for ordinary Indians. The invading Spanish conquistadores were more practical - and cynical. Intially coca use and cultivation was denounced, especially by the Catholic Church, for its destructive influence on the native populations. Coca was banned as an agent of idolatry and sorcery, "strengthening the wicked in their delusions, and asserted by every competent judge to possess no true virtues; but, on the contrary, to cause the deaths of innumerable Indians, while it ruins the health of the few who survive."
    But the invaders were impressed at coca's efficacy as a stimulant: "The herb is so nutritious and invigorating that the Indians labour whole days without anything else." The Spanish needed native labour in their silver-mines. Work in the mines was extremely arduous; and taking coca reduces appetite and increases physical stamina. Hence there was a great surge in coca-use and the number of coqueros (coca-chewers).
    Pope Paul III (r. Oct. 13, 1534 - Nov. 10, 1549) stated in his encyclical entitled "Sublimus Die" that Indians were not to be robbed of their freedom. He wrote "Notwithstanding whatever may have been or may be said to the contrary, the said Indians [of the New World] and all other people who may later be discovered by Christians, are by no means to be deprived of their liberty or the possession of their property, even though they be outside the faith of Jesus Christ; and that they may and should, freely and legitimately, enjoy their liberty and the possession of their property; nor should they be in any way enslaved..."
    Unfortunately, the Pope went unheeded.

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    Hard Rock

    Millions of years of evolution by natural selection has endowed the brain with a cruel web of negative-feedback mechanisms to regulate our moods, emotions and degree of well-being. Taking refined 'recreational' euphoriants, notably cocaine or the amphetamines, sends a signal to the brain that indicates, falsely, the impending arrival of an immense evolutionary benefit. After the drug-fuelled high comes the crash. Genetically-driven feedback-inhibition kicks in. Cocaine-withdrawal causes a protracted biochemical abstinence-syndrome marked by craving, melancholy and anhedonia. Neuronal release of dopamine declines. So does the number of mesolimbic dopamine transporters. The spontaneous firing of dopamine cells decreases. Chronic cocaine dependence may cause long-lasting functional deficits in the frontal cortex as well.
    The hedonic treadmill punishes naive attempts to get high.

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    Erythroxylum Cataractarum

    In its native habitat, the coca plant is resistant to drought and disease. Coca is a small shrublike tree that doesn't need irrigation. Its leaves are green, oval and tough. Its flowers are small and greenish white. A red fruit is produced with a single seed. The introduction of coca to England was pioneered early in the nineteenth century by the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. However, the coca plant has yet to find a place in orthodox Western horticulture.
    The growth of Net-based ecommerce in the early Twenty First Century nonetheless spurred an upsurge in demand and supply among horticulturalists across the globe. Gardening enthusiasts who visit Cocomama (2003) are told: "If you're interested to grow coca plant for hobby, research or conservation purposes, feel free to order the seeds."
    In the 1980s, millions of drug-naïve Americans were introduced to "decocainised" coca tea imported from South America. The legitimate cultivation of Peruvian coca, and also the production of all Peruvian cocaine licensed for pharmaceutical export, was controlled by the government's own National Enterprise Of Coca. In a bid to expand and diversify its product range, the National Enterprise Of Coca promoted the benefits of coca in the form of a wholesome traditional beverage. This state-sponsored export-drive was successful: overseas demand proved brisk. From 1983, 'Inca Health Tea' sold especially well in the North American market. Lemongrass and other flavours were added to cater to American palates. Soon maté de coca could be bought in tea-shops and grocery stores in US cities.
    Maté de coca is indeed an agreeable and invigorating mood-brightener. Maté de coca is also extremely benign: patients at the San Francisco National Addiction Research Foundation, for instance, were encouraged in the 1980s to drink as much mate de coca as they desired to help wean themselves off cocaine. When consumed in generous quantities, coca tea is remarkably good at easing drug-cravings. However, this is because the average "decocainized" tea-bag contains 5 milligrams of cocaine.

    "The Divine and Magic Plant of the Incas"
    Coca tea: ordering info
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    Coca Negra

    Cobalt and ferric chloride are virtually undetectable masking-chemicals.
    They are mixed with pure cocaine - perhaps 40% - and later separated out.
    In South America, customs' officers often use sniffer dogs that have been turned
    into canine junkies. This ensures the dogs will avidly sniff out contraband narcotics.
    Not only customs' officers rely on animal assistance. Dogs have recently
    been used as "mules" by cocaine traffickers.
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