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How can I buy Oxycodone online without prescription?

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How can I buy Oxycodone online without prescription?
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Oxycodone Information
A brief history of Oxycodone
Before Oxycodone was developed, the most commonly used painkillers were morphine and heroin. However, it was established that these drugs are too habit-forming and that they have significant side effects that were known to happen too often. That is why in the 1910s, the pharmacists worked hard towards developing derivatives of these opiates. One of the results was Oxycodone which was developed in 1916. It was derived from thebaine which was in turn derived from opium. It was used for decades in the treatment of moderate to severe pain and in 1995 it was approved by the FDA for use in treatment of acute and chronic pain. Since then, it has become the best selling painkiller on the market. In 2001, a European organization that deals with management of pain decided that Oxycodone should be the second-line treatment for pain caused by cancer, with morphine still remaining the first choice. However, with the rise in prominence of this medication, it has also become one of the prescription drugs that is most abused, especially in the western countries, more precisely in the USA, Canada and Scandinavian countries. Recreational users pick Oxycodone over heroin and other opiates because of the fact that the quality of the medication is controlled.

Discussing Oxycodone with the doctor
Oxycodone is a prescription medication and a very potent one, which is why you need to have consultations with your physician during which they will decide if Oxycodone is the best solution for your condition and whether it will be safe for you to take this powerful medication. In case you are allergic to it, or to any other opiate and opioid painkillers such as methadone, Vicodin and others, you will not be able to take Oxycodone as you will most likely have allergic reactions when taking it. You will also be unable to take Oxycodone if you are experiencing an attack of asthma or if you are suffering from a certain intestinal obstruction known as paralytic ileus. In some other cases, you will still be able to take Oxycodone, although your doctor will need to adjust your treatment and to monitor your treatment more closely than usually. The conditions that warrant this include: breathing disorders like COPD, sleep apnea and asthma, disorders of the adrenal gland such as Addison's disease, low blood pressure, mental illnesses, underactive thyroid, enlarged prostate, liver and/or kidney diseases, curvature of the spine, gallbladder disease, urination issues, seizure disorders like epilepsy or if you have histories of brain tumors, any addictions or head injury.

Can pregnant women take Oxycodone safely?
Oxycodone will most likely be not prescribed Oxycodone, as it has been shown that this medication can result in the newborns being born dependent to the medication and suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, the respiratory system of the baby can also be affected and these are the reasons why Oxycodone is prescribed to pregnant women only in cases when it is absolutely necessary. Due to the fact that it passes into milk, Oxycodone can affect the nursing child in the same fashion and it is therefore not prescribed to breastfeeding women either.

How to properly take Oxycodone?
It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to take Oxycodone precisely as prescribed. Any deviations from the prescribed regimen and you might be looking at some very serious consequences. For example, any larger doses can result in an overdose which can be life-threatening. Also, if you keep taking Oxycodone after your regimen is completed, you are increasing the risk of developing a dependency to this medication. In case you do become dependent to Oxycodone, you are most likely going to experience withdrawal symptoms afterwards. This is possible even if you are taking Oxycodone as prescribed and that is why any discontinuation of the regimen must be done along with consultations with your doctor who will help you discontinue the regimen gradually. It is possible that you will become constipated while taking Oxycodone and you should try to alleviate this by drinking extra fluids. Remember never to drink alcohol when taking Oxycodone, or even eating any foods that might contain any alcohol, as an interaction between alcohol and Oxycodone can be fatal. Another thing to remember is that if you experience any sedation due to the use of Oxycodone, you should steer clear of any hazardous activities until you feel alright again.

Side effects that can be caused by Oxycodone
Less serious ones include: itching, dizziness, sweating, dry mouth, tiredness, loss of appetite, headaches, vomiting, nausea and constipation. More serious ones include fainting, confusion, severe dizziness or weakness, lightheadedness, clammy skin, convulsions, slow heartbeat and shallow breathing. Notify your doctor if you experience any of the serious side effects of Oxycodone.

How to manage an Oxycodone overdose
The only proper way to manage an Oxycodone overdose is to seek emergency medical help as an Oxycodone overdose can be lethal. Symptoms that might indicate an overdose include: pinpoint pupils, extreme drowsiness, confusion, shallow breathing, clammy skin, slow heart rate, confusion, muscle weakness, fainting and even coma.