Yes, you can shoot up methadone. only the liquid kind though. what you would need is a 3ml syringe with at least a 23 gauge 1 1/2 " needle. you need that because you would need at least 30mg's of methadone to feel the rush.(and it's not gonna be as good as a heroin or oxy rush) 1ml is equivalent to 10mg of methadone. that's if the clinic you are getting if from don't add water to it before they give you your takehomes. i went to a clinic in miami that did that,but if you get it in a sealed bottle straight from the lab, it is pure methadone. so anyways, what you would need to do is suck up the methadone with the 3ml syringe until its at the 3cc line. you don't need cotton or a spoon for this. just put the needle right into the bottle. then get all of the air that you possibly can out of your rig without squirting any of the methadone out. then you wanna find a good vain and tie up. now don't tie the tie right above the vain your gonna use. tie it up about 6 inches above the vain. open and close your hand a few times until the vain is nice and puffy. when the vain is ready, just press the needle in really really slowly until you see blood shoot up in the syringe. when that happens, that means you are in the vain. now you need to be very careful at this point because you don't want to miss with this stuff, you wanna make sure you keep that needle in the vain. once your in the vain and you see blood shoot up in the syringe, pull back just a little bit on the plunger until you see more blood come up through the needle. then very carefully push the plunger down slowly until you can't push no more. then pull the needle out slowly and undo your tie. if you do all this right you should be on your way to heaven!!