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Thread: Buy Oxycontin , Can you really buy Oxycontin Online ?

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    Post Buy Oxycontin , Can you really buy Oxycontin Online ?

    By Doctor Griffith Phd

    Discussed will be the various methods used to purchase Oxycontin Online.

    A little history Oxycontin trade name for a Opiate pain reliever "Oxycodone" Generic name for Oxycontin is a Pain Killer used to treat severe pain or patients with a expanded tolerance to opiate medications such as Oxycontin.

    The Journey to buy Oxycodone or Oxycontin can stretch across the globe to far away lands with near terrorist origins to Illegal aliens paying passage to america strapped down with a 60 pound backpack dashing for the border.

    The information is the most in depth look at the underworld opiate trade the Oxycontinsuper highway the internet.
    Explored will be the various organizations that operate behind the curtains of this industry. A tale so unreal it is hard to fathom everything this paper encompasses . What we shall discuss through my research is more valuable to anyone buying Oxycontin Online than the Colonels recipe to his chicken.

    My name is Doctor Griffith author of several Pharmaceutical books known through out the world.
    I will prepare you for a journey well armed with knowledge of a world few understand the underworld of medication flowing through desktop monitors world wide.

    January 1st 2002 I started my current work this rough draft will encompass.

    Online Pharmacies, Their are aproximately 600 online pharmacies operating online with maybe 200 offering oxycontin for sale. My personal experience like everyone stubling into this classic bait and switch scheme under the guise of different company names with one man pulling the strings, deep within Russian organized crime syndicate Nicknamed "Spammit"
    An organized crime group thought to include individuals responsible for the notorious Storm and Waledac worms generated more than $150 million promoting rogue online pharmacies via spam and hacking, according to data obtained

    In June 2010, an anonymous source using the assumed name “Despduck” began an e-mail correspondence with a key anti-spam source of mine, claiming he had access to the back-end database for Glavmed, a.k.a. “SpamIt”, until recently the biggest black market distributor of generic pharmaceuticals on the Internet.

    Source: M86 Security Labs
    If you received an unsolicited email in the past few years pimping male enhancement or erectile dysfunction pills, chances are extremely good that it was sent compliments of a Glavmed/Spamit contractor or “affiliate.” According to M86 Security Labs, the sites advertised in those Glavmed/Spamit emails — best known by their “Canadian Pharmacy” brand name — were by far the most prevalent affiliate brands promoted by spam as of June 2010.

    Despduck said he could deliver data on hundreds of thousands of consumers who purchased pills through Glavmed’s sizable stable of online pharma shops, as well as detailed financial records of Glavmed/SpamIt affiliates who earned thousands of dollars of month promoting pharmacy sites using spam and hacked Web sites.

    After many months of promising the information, Despduck finally came through with a 9-gigabyte database file that contained three years worth of financial books for the massive illicit pharmacy network. My source shared the data with several U.S. law enforcement agencies, and ultimately agreed to share it with me.

    The database reads like a veritable rogues gallery of the Underweb; In it are the nicknames, ICQ numbers, email addresses and bank account information on some of the Internet’s most notorious hackers and spammers. This huge cache of information shows that over the course of three years, more than 2,500 “affiliates” earned hefty commissions promoting Glavmed’s pharmacy sites.

    In total, these promoters would help Glavmed process in excess of 1.5 million orders from more than 800,000 consumers who purchased knockoff prescription drugs between May 2007 and June 2010. All told, Glavmed generated revenues of at least $150 million.

    Dmitry Samosseiko, senior manager of SophosLabs Canada, describes Glavmed (translated as “MedHeadquarters”) as the oldest and most well-known of the Russian affiliate partner networks, commonly referred to in slang as “partnerka.” As Samosseiko wrote in his landmark Virus Bulletin paper (PDF):

    “This partnerka is open to the public but requires an invitation from another network member. Its main brand is the notorious ‘Canadian Pharmacy’, which is all too familiar to everyone through massive email spam campaigns that seem never to end. This spam is tied to a sister entity of GlavMed, called SpamIt (, which is a closed private network of email spam affiliates that has proven hard to infiltrate. The members of SpamIt are allegedly the group behind the Storm, Waledec and potentially Conficker botnets, responsible for email distribution and fast-flux hosting of the spam websites [my emphasis added]. GlavMed, on the other hand, proclaims a strong anti-spam policy focusing on ‘legal’ SEO traffic generation.”

    The database reflects the existence of two types of Glavmed affiliates, and is actually separated into two major components: One shows data from customer purchases at sites advertised via SpamIt affiliates; the second section of the database shows orders from customers of sites that were promoted by regular Glavmed members via search engine optimization and Web site hacking.

    Glavmed/SpamIt affiliates are given a handful of pre-fabricated pharmacy Web site templates to deploy. Affiliates earn roughly 40 percent commissions on all sales generated by their sites. The most successful affiliates raked in millions of dollars in commissions. In fact, 8 out of 10 of the top moneymakers for SpamIt earned more than $1 million in commissions from Web sites they advertised via junk e-mail. Top SpamIt affiliates could expect to earn monthly commissions ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

    The purloined record books show that none of the regular Glavmed affiliates managed to crack $1 million in total commissions (the top earner made $981,362 over the course of his affiliation with Glavmed). Still, more than 50 Glavmed affiliates earned six-digit fortunes promoting pharmacy sites for the program.

    1) 5 purchases by myself out of 5 purchase ended up with fake medications mailed to myself to further the Glavmed Scam , None of the Oxycontin Received from the following companies traced to Glavmed Sold Real Oxycontin as per my Qualified testing in pharmacology revealed .

    1) review (scam) ships Placebo medication instead of Oxycodone, Bad review
    price paid when purchased , Oxycodone 80 milligram, oxycontin 7.03 per tablet Usd bought 7/16/2009

    2) review (scam) ships Glavmed drop shipped fake shinplaster for Oxycontin
    When buying I paid 9.42 Usd . per Oxycontin tablet , Purchases August 4th 2009 canadian pharmacy afilliate

    3) review scam ships fake medications pushing all of the Glavmed canadian pharmacy cookie cutter sites. It is the Glavmed propeganda machine ran by a convicted sex offender who
    takes kickbacks in legal fees for their advertising abilities . Be very afraid of Glavmed ! 50% Of all online pharmacy is Glavmed it is a enourmous crooked machine of treachery withdrawls and decption.

    Online Mexican Cartel Distribution Of Opiates----------------------- The Mexican Connection Unfolds
    Mexican Online Pharmacies the Good the Bad and the Ugly. Once upon a time in a not so long ago time mailboxes flowed with flatpack envelopes stuffed with vicodin and oxycontin sold for $45 a oxycontin 80 when i was buying some off of several online websites always had the same prices and shipped from the same spot "California"

    Backpack meds destined for San Jose .
    Julio a 17 year old native mexican boy is loaded with a 65 pound backpack to make his dash to freedom the border, His payment for guidance for passage is to deliver the backpack of pharmaceuticals strapped to his back. If Julio doesn't make it the life of his lovely sister Maria will be the price pledged if Julio falls short of his task a viscious drug Cartel family associate may kill her or sell her into prostitution as payment. The underground drug trade online comes at a price the price for Oxycontin we pay is at the expense of our pocketbooks the lives hopes and short comings of others.

    A few years ago passage of a law shut down the Cartels online business , Sort of they switched to shipping Fake drugs of no banned substances switched for your Oxycontin order.
    The Ryan Haight Bill

    The Internet Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act counters the growing sale of prescription drugs over the Internet without a valid prescription by (1) providing new disclosure standards for Internet pharmacies; (2) barring Internet sites from selling or dispensing prescription drugs to consumers who are provided a prescription solely on the basis of an online questionnaire; and (3) allowing state attorneys general to go to federal court to shut down rogue sites.

    The bill is geared to counter domestic Internet pharmacies that sell drugs without a valid prescription, not international pharmacies that sell drugs at a low cost to individuals who have a valid prescription from their U.S. doctors.

    The Need for Legislation

    Purchasing drugs online without a valid prescription can be simple: a consumer just types the name of the drug into a search engine, quickly identifies a site selling the medication, fills in a brief questionnaire, and then clicks to purchase. The risks of self-medicating, however, can include potential adverse reactions from inappropriately prescribed medications, dangerous drug interactions, use of counterfeit or tainted products, and addiction to habit-forming substances. Several of these illegitimate sites fail to provide information about contraindications, potential adverse effects, and efficacy.

    Regulating these Internet pharmacies is difficult for federal and state authorities. State medical and pharmacy boards have expressed the concern that they do not have adequate enforcement tools to regulate practice over the Internet. It can be virtually impossible for states to identify, investigate, and prosecute these illegal pharmacies because the consumer, prescriber, and seller of a drug may be located in different states.

    My Experiences of buying from the Mexicans and Mexican pharmacies

    1) shipped real oxycontin until 2006 price paid $35.00 us dollars 05/12/2006 shipped air mail passed customs. shippments sfter Ryan Haight act were vitamins switched for Oxycontin.
    Pills are unknown non opiate composition classic oxycontin scam bait and switch .

    2) I was in the market to buy oxycontin and tried Shazz . Shazz provided oxycontin manufatured on a pill press in a 3rd world country not worth the $45 each spent that lab reports confirmed contained no Oxycodone whatsoever in the pain medication I bought as Oxycontin.

    3) ---- another site that is cookie cutter bait and switch scam where oxycontin bought was not what purdue had in mind! they were the size of a butter milk biscuit the wrong color and contained zero oxycodone in their composition,
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    Buy Oxycontin Online ,------------ Oxycontin/Oxycodone Forums and Chat Sites

    "When looking online to buy Oxycontin or Oxycodone online several avenues in a blackmarket underworld unfold a economy thriving in cyberspace with a seemingly never ending supply of pharmaceutical delights. But not everything is as easy or as seemingly perfect as the surface may lead you to believe. ------- Doctor Griffith Phd."


    The flow of prescription drugs sold online usually pass through several portals one of the most popular is drug forums.

    Drug forums fall under 3 main categories explained below

    1) 100% sales based without drug information or much interaction (bad sign - red flag-usually greedy sites with 3rd world medication that has no oxycodone contained inside of their marketed Oxycontin whatsoever
    example of affiliate garbage pushing forum they sell everyone on their hype to deliver pure disappointment in a box through offshore pharmacy websites they themselves partially own !

    2) Open Talk Forums like
    The freedom of speech and how it can be abused. Topix oxycontin forum has a special agenda the parasitic fleas that live inside the Oxycontin / Oxycodone forum deserve their own special class of hell.

    ------Digital Gypsies --- The Art Of Making You Fall Down --------

    As convincing as these chaps can be or seemingly how many of their bandit buddies they team up with . A glowing feedback trail . Much can murk in the shadows. Even myself Doctor Griffith fell trap 4 times to the cunning snare set by the email bandits that work the Topix oxycontin board offering fantastic bargains for purdue oxycontin 80 mg tablets just $10 each. or buy oxycontin ftf or face to face a tell tale 5-O setup looking for someone strung out to fill a jail bed and get enrolled into the local probation system times are tough and local economy needs revenue.

    -------Large Forums With Many Subjects And Broad Content---More Than Sales Posts

    2) Talk forums with broad veried content make a statement of longevity and consumer approval. Forums rich in informational guides and content typically are better places to interact. is a very
    open minded place where serious people converse about various items from Oxycontin to Valarium root.
    I find good and bad people on the best forums " we as men cannot forsee another mans intention" many of the best online suppliers bust out and start scamming every buyer in the end. Forums are a good place to research and learn about someones history. My deals started going better with forums but not perfect. still a few trips down Oxycontin buyers remorse ... to be cont.

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    Post Oxycodone: Overseas Pharmacies ship hazardous counterfeit medication.

    Americans seem to believe that if you cant find a medication product for the right price in the United States that you will find it in another country.

    The thought of being able to purchase any medication not widely distributed in the United States became popular when senior citizens who could no longer afford their medication without health insurance programs like Medical, Medicaid, Medicare and many other government subsidized health programs began traveling to Tijuana , Mexico and British Columbia, Canada seeking out the lower priced and usually un-taxed medications.

    For a while it was safe to buy medication from Canadian distributors and Mexican pharmacies. When the popularity of Americans buying medication increased various criminal organizations became involved Canadian Russian crime Families as well as the Italian Mafia and Sinaloa Drug Cartels. the problem that arose from these cartels making medication is the fact that they were not genuine nor were they formulated with FDA approved ingredients, many were just made to look like the drug and had absolutely no pharmacological effects.

    These criminal distributors fund many other criminal enterprises that you may not likely feel you would like to is an article that may be helpful:
    "An investigation into an Iraqi social club in California has uncovered evidence leading law enforcement officials to believe Iraqis are working with one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels.

    Over the last 10 years the Southern California Iraqi social club in El Cajon with ties to the Chaldean Organized Crime Syndicate has been investigated various times for being involved in drug sales, gambling, car theft, and gun smuggling.

    ImageIn 2010, police began looking into the increase in drug trafficking and violent crime throughout El Cajon. Much of this crime was attributed to Iraqi organized crime elements, which was recently discovered to be involved with the Mexican mafia, as well as the Sinaloa drug cartel.

    The club at 811 E. Main Street was identified as the hub of criminal activity by the Iraqi organized crime unit in El Cajon. Police say the crimes that occurred there included attempted murder, methamphetamine and marijuana sales, sale of diverted pharmaceuticals, gambling, resisting arrest, illegal liquor sales, and illegal sales of firearms.

    As a result of the investigation, 60 arrests have been made, and polce seized 13 pounds of methamphetamine; over 4 pounds of MDMA (ecstasy) and pharmaceuticals including Vicodin, Oxycontin, Codeine, Xanex, and Percocet, one pound of cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine, and over 3,500 pounds of marijuana. Additional seizures include over $630,000 in US currency, 3 luxury cars, and the seizure of 34 firearms including semi-automatic assault rifles and several fully automatic firearms, and 4 IEDs, said the El Cajon Police Department."

    another article:

    Seventeen gang members were arrested in Northern China after authorities uncovered a counterfeit pharmaceutical operation; police confiscated 67 different types of counterfeit medication including rabies vaccinations. The imitation rabies vaccination, said to have been manufactured from starch and water, were given to 227 people, all of whom were put immediately under close observation by the local health departments. In addition to 10,000 doses of the rabies vaccine, 20,250 bottles of medicine used to treat cardiovascular diseases and 211 bottles of blood protein were also confiscated. Rabies is one of China’s deadliest infectious diseases, according to official figures it killed over 2,000 people in 2006 alone.
    (China Daily, August 4th 2007)

    ( i am posting all counterfeiters, in different industries so that you can see the difference between local and criminal organizations.) excuse me if it is slightly off topic.....

    22 Jul 2009: Fake goods worth around £3m were seized in one of the biggest-ever counterfeit raids in Manchester. Customs and trading standards officers swooped on a Piccadilly warehouse after a tip-off - and found thousands of boxes of bogus gear. Officials believe the warehouse supplied hundreds of shops and market stalls across the country. Officers also found hundreds of ghd hair straighteners. The company warned that the fakes could be `lethal'.
    (Manchester Evening News)

    13 Jul 2009: Hundreds of Chinese workers were kept in virtual slavery for years as part of a multimillion-pound pirate DVD industry uncovered in the UK. The men and women, many of whom lived 11 to a room, were the labour behind an organised crime syndicate that began on a market stall in Hackney, east London, and grew into a £5m illegal industry. Detective Constable Evelyn Steeples said the case revealed the huge profits that could be made from organised crime.
    (The Guardian)

    2008: Police in Italy arrested 12 members of an organized criminal gang involved in the distribution of pirate CDs and DVDs. A meticulous investigation had preceded the arrests, which took place in Naples and Milan. A series of raids uncovered six illegal pirate factories, five in Naples and one in Milan, which contained 350 burners. More than 70,000 CDs and DVDs were seized during the raids, alongside more than 100,000 counterfeit inlay cards. The gang members were charged with conspiracy and copyright infringement and might face jail sentences of up to six years.
    (CIB Counterfeiting Confidential July)

    2008: Police seized a massive quantity of narcotics and counterfeit drugs at an illegal pharmaceutical laboratory in Quebec. The seizure, reported to be worth over $5 million, contained 44,000 ecstasy pills, 83,000 methamphetamine pills, 35 kilograms of bulk powder which could be used to manufacture another 160,000 ecstasy pills. 25,000 “Viagra” tablets and 31,000 “Cialis” tablets were also seized. The laboratory, which was capable of producing over 5 million pills a month, was run by two brothers. They were charged with possession of illegal drugs, manufacture and trafficking of illegal drugs, conspiracy and might also be charged with counterfeiting.

    2008: Polish authorities, working in conjunction with ZPAV (Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry) and International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) representatives, arrested 8 people and seized over 65,000 DVDs and CDs in a raid in the Klodzko region. Among the seized items were also firearms, counterfeit cigarettes and a large amount of cash, highlighting again the link between digital piracy and organized crime. The pirate discs were believed to be produced in Russia and the Ukraine and were destined for the German market. The haul included both German and international DVDs many of which had not been legally released yet.

    2008: Scottish smokers have been advised to resist the temptation to buy cheaper cigarettes amid fears of what they may actually contain. “Cheap cigarettes” usually meant those that had been smuggled into the U.K. from outside the E.U. However the “bargain cigarette” market is more and more dominated by counterfeit cigarettes, which are packaged to look like the real brands. The fake cigarettes may contain up to 160% more tar, 80% more nicotine, 5.8 times more lead and three times more arsenic, in some cases they had also been found to contain sawdust, tobacco beetles and rat droppings. Proceeds from this illicit trade were used to fund other crimes as people trafficking and prostitution.
    (BBC News, March 8th 2008)

    2008: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uncovered an organized crime syndicate running a massive fake luxury goods operation, touted as the biggest in U.S. history, in New York. The defendants were arrested on January 16th 2008 and their clothing store was raided by ICE officials, while at the same time numerous assets were seized including 29 bank accounts and three New York residencies. According to the ICE authorities the accused operated an international import wholesale counterfeit goods business from 2002 until the end of 2005, during this time they imported over 300,000 counterfeit handbags alone. The value of the goods was estimated to be over $100 million. The three arrested were charged with conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods imported from China, trafficking in counterfeit luxury items and illegally smuggling counterfeit goods into the United States. The defendants each faced 55 years in federal prison and $8.75 million in fines if convicted on all charges.
    (PR newswire)

    2008: U.S. authorities alleged that a band of criminals sent from Italy by the Camorra ran a counterfeiting ring in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) that sold knock-off clothing and electronics on street corners, at flea markets and on the Internet. It is claimed the proceeds from the sales were funneled back to the organized crime leadership in Italy.
    (CIB Counterfeiting Confidential August)

    2007: Counterfeit cigarettes from Eastern Europe and the Far East were reportedly being sold for as little as £1 a packet by shopkeepers in Leicester. The counterfeit cigarettes contained higher levels of tar, arsenic, nicotine and other carcinogens and were smuggled into Leicester and sold to shopkeepers in bulk at heavily discounted prices. Customs officials issued a warning to consumers as the packaging on the fake cigarettes was indistinguishable from the genuine variety. Organized criminal gangs were thought to be behind the scheme for huge profits to be made from selling counterfeit cigarettes. Officials who seized also a shipment worth millions of pounds analysed the ingredients with alarming results. The fake cigarettes contained extremely high levels of arsenic, cadmium, benzene and formaldehyde, a lethal mix of carcinogens.
    (Leicester Mercury, August 31st 2007 )

    2007: More than a year-long operation into an organized crime ring pirating DVD’s, culminated in a massive anti-piracy operation in which 20 raids across Hong Kong were conducted. The raids took place at a number of locations, including three storage units and three retail outlets, and yielded 14 arrests and 120,000 fake DVD’s. According to the head of the task force conducting the raids the syndicate was one of Hong Kong’s notorious triad gangs. The gang was believed to be selling more than $6,000 worth of DVD’s a day. The fake DVD’s originated in mainland China and then smuggled into Hong Kong using a cross-boundary container lorry, which was also seized.
    (DPA news)

    2007: Russian police intercepted and arrested a criminal group alleged to illegally produce aircraft parts and sell them in Russia, as well as to other nations. The organized group was arrested after allegedly stealing components from the Saturn plant in central Russia and producing and selling civil aircraft parts.
    (CIB Counterfeiting Confidential September)

    2007: Seventeen gang members were arrested in Northern China after authorities uncovered a counterfeit pharmaceutical operation; police confiscated 67 different types of counterfeit medication including rabies vaccinations. The imitation rabies vaccination, said to have been manufactured from starch and water, were given to 227 people, all of whom were put immediately under close observation by the local health departments. In addition to 10,000 doses of the rabies vaccine, 20,250 bottles of medicine used to treat cardiovascular diseases and 211 bottles of blood protein were also confiscated. Rabies is one of China’s deadliest infectious diseases, according to official figures it killed over 2,000 people in 2006 alone.
    (China Daily, August 4th 2007)

    2007: The link between counterfeiting and organized crime has been once again demonstrated after Italian police uncovered an illegal distributing network operating in Sicily. 2,000 counterfeit CD’s and DVD’s were seized along with guns, ammunition and bomb making equipment. Police then started investigating possible links between those arrested and organized crime, in particular Sicily’s notorious mafia families.

    2005: Following an international drug trafficking investigation between Spain and France, the French authorities put 12 people under custody and discovered that the same criminal organization was also involved in counterfeiting of luxury goods, arm trafficking and counterfeit credit cards.
    (UNIFAB, Rapport contrefaçon et criminalité organisée – troisieme edition)

    2005: Investigations by the Rome District Anti-Mafia Bureau led to the discovery of an organization involved in the importation of counterfeit goods by means of forged transportation documents. This organization was involved in money laundering activities.
    (Italian National Anti-Mafia Bureau, Undistributed materials)

    2005: Investigations of the Italian National Anti-Mafia Bureau regarding Camorra operations in Naples highlighted how this criminal organization managed the trafficking in counterfeit leather jackets all over the World. (Brazil, Germany, Russia, France, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and The United States and Greece are only examples of countries in which the organization was active).
    (Italian National Anti-Mafia Bureau, Undistributed materials)

    2005: Several people were arrested the United States, Canada, Israel, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and Australia. These arrests were conducted during “Operation Site Down”, conducted in 10 different countries to hit the criminal organizations involved in the illegal distribution and trade of copyrighted materials. The value of the seized pirated works was approximately of $ 50 million.
    (ICC Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau, The International Anti-Counterfeiting Directory 2006)

    2005: With “Operation Ocean Crossing” the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) discovered a trade network of counterfeit medicines deriving from China and directed towards the United States, the United Kingdom and other European countries. This trade was managed by a Chinese criminal organization that was linked to an American citizen.
    (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,

    2005: With “Operation Ocean Crossing” the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) discovered a trade network of counterfeit medicines deriving from China and directed towards the United States, the United Kingdom and other European nations.
    (United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

    2004: A criminal network involved in several illicit activities was dismantled in France. Investigations, initiated for a drug trafficking case, further discovered that the same criminal organization was also involved in selling counterfeit products.
    (UNIFAB, Rapport contrefaçon et criminalité organisée – troisieme edition)

    2004: An organized crime counterfeiting network was discovered in France. 13 people were arrested and 25 cube meters of counterfeit trousers and shirts were seized. Following the investigations several bank accounts were blocked and a considerable amount of liquid money was frozen.
    (UNIFAB, Rapport contrefaçon et criminalité organisée – troisieme edition)

    2004: During “Operation Fastlink” more than 10 countries cooperated to dismantle well-known criminal organizations involved in on-line piracy. More than 120 searches were performed worldwide and more than 200 computers were seized, including 30 computer servers.
    (ICC Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau, The International Anti-Counterfeiting Directory 2006)

    2004: Following customs controls over a shipment coming from China, the French customs discovered a trafficking of counterfeit leather products. Further investigations showed that the same persons were also involved in drug trafficking.
    (UNIFAB, Rapport contrefaçon et criminalité organisée – troisieme edition)

    2004: French authorities conducting a seizure related to drug trafficking also found 200 pirate DVDs and counterfeit Vuitton bags.
    (CEIPI, Impact de la contrefaçon et de la piraterie en Europe)

    2004: Twenty one individuals were arrested in Italy by the Guardia di Finanza officers which searched a number of locations that had been identified as part of a major piracy network run by a criminal gang located near Caserta. The investigation uncovered a wide illegal distribution network, active in the Naples area. Members of the gang arrested included individuals involved at every level of the chain, from people involved in the importation of blank CD-R from South East Asia to those who managed the duplication plants and to owners of record stores selling pirate discs. The operation led to the seizure of 80 high-speed CD burners, 25,000 infringing discs, inlays, printers and blank CDs.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    2003: A series of raids conducted by the Canadian authorities led to the discovery of 250,000 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes smuggled into Canada. Organized crime was also believed to be involved.
    (Canadian Anti Counterfeiting Network, The need for legal reform in Canada to address intellectual property crime)

    2003: A vast scheme involving counterfeiting and cannabis trafficking was dismantled in France. The money from the drugs was used to purchase counterfeit goods in Thailand intended for the French market.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    2003: Investigation by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Secretariat led to the recovery of over 500 reel-to-reel tapes recorded by The Beatles during the making of the album ‘Let It Be’. The tapes were stolen from Apple Records over 30 years ago and were used by bootleg distributors to replicate CDs. Three men were simultaneously arrested in the UK and the Netherlands. Follow-up investigations led to a pan-European syndicate and the subsequent seizure of over 1,250 illegal master discs (stamps) in Austria.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    2003: The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry affirmed at the European Forum that thirteen raids in the Madrid region led to the seizure of 230,000 blank and recorded CDs, 346 CD-R burners, 515,000 jewellery boxes, 210,000 marquetry items and € 48,000 in cash. The operation led to the arrest of 40 people, included the leaders of the organization who were Chinese.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    2002: 6,700 pirate DVDs were seized by the Canadian authorities in two different video stores whose owner was alleged to be the second biggest leader of organized crime in Vancouver.
    (Canadian Anti Counterfeiting Network, The need for legal reform in Canada to address intellectual property crime)

    2002: A criminal organization involved in the production and sale of pirate CDs was dismantled in Spain by the Guardia Civil. Part of the organization was involved in the collection of the workforce while other members of the criminal group acquired the CD burners and rented apartments and basements to use as production centers. The workforce was exploited in a variety of ways, either as “sale personnel” in the street or to produce the CDs.
    (UNIFAB, Rapport contrefaçon et criminalité organisée – troisieme edition)

    2002: A traffic of pirate DVDs managed by the Chinese Triads was discovered in the United Kingdom. The criminal organization was also involved in trafficking in human beings from China.
    (Union des Fabricants, Rapport contrefaçon & criminalité organiseé 3eme edition)

    2002: An organized criminal network dedicated to the production and distribution of counterfeit luxury goods was dismantled in Italy (in the Naples-Teramo region). The Guardia di Finanza also discovered financial movements involving considerable amounts of money between London and Naples deriving from this illicit business.
    (UNIFAB, Rapport contrefaçon et criminalité organisée – troisieme edition)

    2002: During the Christmas holidays, a trafficking in pirated CDs was discovered in the United Kingdom. The trafficking was managed by Asian mafia criminal organizations that imported the CDs from the Indian Sub-Continent.
    (Union des Fabricants, Rapport contrefaçon & criminalité organiseé 3eme edition)

    2002: In Hong Kong, a number of locations were searched by law enforcement authorities and a total of 149 persons arrested, including eight senior members of the Sun Yee On Triad Group. Those detained were suspected of involvement in trafficking in drugs, robbery, theft, sale of illegal fuel, smuggling cigarettes, manufacturing pirate CDs, being members of triad societies, illegal gambling and loan-sharking. Apart from pirate optical discs, the exhibits seized included smuggled cigarettes, illegal fuel, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin and offensive weapons.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    2002: In Mexico, an investigation led to a police raid that was met with fierce resistance from five juveniles aged less than 18 years old. 5kg of cocaine were found in the premises searched along with 25 CD burners and 16,000 pirate CDs. Using juveniles to run CDR and drug trafficking operations is a method used by organized crime to protect those behind the syndicate.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    2002: In Mexico, information gathered over an extensive period by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Latin America was used by police in order to raid an organized crime business supplying blank CDs for pirate use. The principal figure involved was arrested and 12.5 million blank CDs were seized.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    2002: In the United States, the police discovered 5,000 fake Rolex watches and Mont-Blanc pens plus $ 1,000,000 in cash. It was subsequently proved that the counterfeits were being sold to launder proceeds derived from drug trafficking.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    2002: Investigations carried out by the French authorities on an illicit traffic of fake photo apparels, allowed to trace back the involvement of members of the Neapolitan Camorra.
    (CEIPI, Impact de la contrefaçon et de la piraterie en Europe)

    2002: The Canadian authorities arrested six Italian citizens involved in the trafficking of counterfeit Versace leather jackets. Following the investigations, over 50 individuals were identified as connected to the counterfeiting activity. Mafia in Naples was also involved and there was evidence that the same organization had operations in New York and in Australia.
    (Canadian Anti Counterfeiting Network, The need for legal reform in Canada to address intellectual property crime)

    2002: The French newspaper Le Monde reported that street sellers of counterfeit products in major Japanese cities often had links with Israeli gangsters of Russian origin.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    2001: A criminal network dedicated to the selling of counterfeit medicines was discovered in the European Union. The criminals has created a network of online pharmacies allowing potential buyers to choose from a large number of links to other sites which offered counterfeit drugs from various pharmaceutical companies. A large amount of fake drugs was imported from Asia in order to be retailed in Europe by means of the regular postal service.
    (Daniels M., Merchant C., Counterfeit pills and genuine treatment)

    2001: A raid on residential premises in Kaoshiung City in Taiwan, located 70,000 suspected pirate CDs and illegal firearms. Further searches, also in other premises, uncovered an arms factory running alongside a sophisticated CD-R facility. In total 17 rifle barrels, seven modified handgun barrels, 10 shotgun barrels, 10 cartridge magazines, 50 bullets and other equipment were seized.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    2001: During several raids conducted by the Czech Republic authorities against counterfeit CDs production and storage plants, large quantities of drugs were also found.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    2001: During the first Interpol’s conference on Intellectual Property, the Deputy General Manager at Procter & Gamble reported that 22,000 counterfeit “Head & Shoulders” shampoos had been seized in London at premises used for drugs trafficking.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    2001: In Mexico, police raided eleven houses, three of which were linked by interconnecting passages and tunnels, disguised by false walls. Inside, a massive counterfeiting operation was discovered. In total five persons were arrested during searches, which yielded 235 CD burners, over one million blank CDs, 512,000 pirated CDs and over 1,000,000 inlay cards. This illegal plant had the potential capacity to produce over 14 million CDs annually. It is believed, that this crime syndicate invested the profits from piracy into other activities, such as narcotics and prostitution. Four of the persons arrested were found to be in possession of loaded 9mm pistols. During the searches a car was deliberately crashed into a Police barricade and the driver arrested. This man, an associate of the others, had been sent to the address to create a diversion to allow the others to escape. He was found to be in possession of an AK47 assault rifle and has been indicted for attempted murder.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    2001: The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) reported that a major pirate CD network in Mexico had clearly bee investing its profits in drugs and prostitution.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    2001: Two Russians were arrested in the United Kingdom following investigations by the local authorities to dismantle a fraud network. The criminal gang was involved in importing pirate CDs, weapons, pornographic materials and counterfeit credit cards.
    (Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, Proving the connection)

    2000: A criminal investigation conducted in London discovered a Russian organized crime group involved in the importation and distribution of pirate CDs.
    (Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, Proving the connection)

    2000: Following investigations that led to the arrest of two people by the Greek police, ammunition and explosives were found together with pirated CDs and industrial piracy equipment.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    2000: Members of a criminal organization involved in medicines counterfeiting were arrested in Italy. Almost 250,000 counterfeit drugs had been found together with 2 tons of raw materials originating from India and China. The products were intended for delivery to the United States.
    (CEIPI, Impact de la contrefaçon et de la piraterie en Europe)

    2000: The public relations department of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Moscow, announced the elimination of a criminal organization. Integral to the organization’s activities was the manufacture of pirate compact discs at a plant in Noginsk, outside Moscow. During the raids this plant was closed and 5,000 pirate discs seized. Explosives, grenades, detonators and ammunition were reported seized at the suspects’ residences. It was estimated that this groups average monthly earnings amounted to over $500,000.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    1999: A patient in the United Kingdom found that the pharmaceutical products sent to him by a pharmaceutical producer had been damaged during the transit. It was later discovered that these medicines were part of a larger consignment intended for the Red Cross in Russia and that the Russian mafia was believed to be involved in this diversion.
    (Graham Satchwell, A Sick Business)

    1999: The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) South East Asia Regional Enforcement office worked closely with the Macao authorities to help identify organized crime gangs smuggling pirate disks from to Hong Kong. One of the methods discovered was the storage of pirate discs in sealed oil drums in underwater locations prior to collection by smugglers, a tactic frequently used by high level international drug traffickers. However, the scale of their growing sophistication was illustrated by the interception of a Mainland Chinese fishing boat, entering Hong Kong waters from Macao, by Hong Kong Police. On close inspection the vessel was found to be carrying a submerged object. When the object was floated it was found to be a 14-metre concrete bridge support, which had been modified to transport pirate optical discs. When opened, the “submarine” was found to be carrying several hundreds of thousands of discs worth in excess of HK$ 5 million. The crew of the fishing boat was arrested.
    (IFPI, Music Piracy – Serious, violent and organized crime)

    1998: After investigations initiated in Switzerland and related to pirate CD-ROMs dispatched via registered air mail as samples of “ready to serve microwave meals”, 44 consignments containing 2,5 million CDs were intercepted. The consignments were delivered through a free trade zone in Naples to front organizations, most of them linked to the Camorra.
    (Wolfgang Hetzer, Godfathers and Pirates: Counterfeiting and Organized Crime)

    1998: Investigations conducted in Canada brought to light the existence of a large scale criminal activity linked to Asian crime groups operating internationally. The same group was involved in trafficking of counterfeit goods as well as of heroin.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime)

    1998: One of the largest pirate CDs network was discovered in the Netherlands. The raids also uncovered large amounts of cash and weapons.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    1998: The British customs raided a small factory that was producing and storing large quantities of counterfeit products representing a total of 52 brand names. The factory owner was involved also in other criminal activities and was later arrested during a drugs delivery in 2001.
    (Union des Fabricants, Counterfeiting and Organized Crime Report – Second edition)

    1995: 43 people were arrested in the United States after a two-year investigation on importation of counterfeit fake designer goods by a Korean crime group.
    (Peter Lowe, The scope of the counterfeiting problem)

    1995: A clandestine facility used by the Italian Camorra to produce counterfeit medicines was discovered in Naples.
    (Graham Satchwell, A Sick Business)

    1995: After police investigations in the United States of America a Chinese crime group with links with the Hong Kong Triads was discovered and dismantled. The Crime group was active in producing counterfeit software and fake holograms manufactured in China.
    (Interpol International Crime Police Review N. 476-477, Special Issue Counterfeiting)

    1980: A Genoese crime gang was implicated in a conspiracy to market fake designer jeans in the United States.
    (APCO, Global Counterfeiting Background Document)

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    Post whats the difference between Oxycontin and oxycodone?

    whats the difference between the 2? besides manufacturer? every one wants Oc 80 but i thought oxycodone or dones were the same thing?
    this is a oxycodone 80

    this is an oxycontin 80 can they be used the same? as far as i know they can.

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    Exclamation Florida Pharmacies Leave Oxycodone Script Holders Empty handed and in pain

    Regulating pain management clinics
    New rules affect Floridians who buy Oxycodone with doctor written scripts Pharmacies turn thenm away empty handed and in pain
    What the law (HB 7095) does:

    •Tightens rules for the writing of prescriptions and pain-treatment plans.
    •Penalizes doctors who over-prescribe painkillers with minimum fines of $10,000 and 6-month suspensions.
    •Requires doctors to use electronic or counterfeit-proof prescription pads purchased from vendors approved by the state Health Department and requires the vendors to report monthly sales of pads to state officials.
    •Establishes mandatory buy-back program for doctors to transfer narcotics back to the distributors once the prohibition on doctors dispensing certain addictive drugs goes into effect.
    •Makes it a first-degree misdemeanor if a pharmacist "knowingly fails" to report to police an attempt to purchase drugs fraudulently.
    •Shortens from 15 days to seven days the length of time that pharmacies are given to report prescription information into the state drug database.
    •Prohibits pharmaceutical companies from providing money for the operation of the database.
    •Requires wholesalers who sell controlled substances to pharmacies to report distribution data to the state.
    •Requires doctors who work at pain management clinics to tell the state when they begin and stop working at such a clinic.
    •Allows law enforcement offices to look at or copy pain clinic records without a search warrant.
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    Reader comments written to the Doctor

    RIch Scott was against the bill before he was for it! Rich Scott where are the jobs you told Florida you were going to get when you were campaigning and spewing all your lies. Your are a fascist oink!
    D in Florida,

    REPORT ABUSE They are raiding one of these shady clinics this very minute right up the street from my place of business. Hurray!! It's high time to chase these dirty pillbillies back to where they came from, and throw the sleazy doctors that run these clinics in jail!

    Tim Orlando

    what about the pts who did take the medications as prescribed? Before my doctor decided to work for ssi evaluating pts for ssd, he was my lifeline. i have multiple permanent injuries to my back. i started pain management in
    2001 with my orthopedic m.d I always took my meds as prescribed and it kept me very active.I use to enjoy jogging'rollerblading now we cant afford insurance all i do is curl up in a ball on my couch because the pain is overwelming.why am i being punished?

    now we will have a society of dependent, legitimate patients scrambling to find a new doctor...truth is; all we are doing by closing (the little monitoring ability available) is forcing these patients to the streets where REAL criminals are gaining money and power. Glad our community and law enforcement is doing such a wonderful job to ensure safety!! What do you think happens when Drug Dealers take the place of Doctors?
    Gabby Baby Tampa Bay Fl

    Rick Scott has had his hand in the cookie jar the entire time!!! Check his investment threads to the "oxy" problem. Now he has a change of heart?... HOW transparent!!! The criminal enterprises that abuse the system are smart enough to adapt & they will do so just as Mr. Scott has!

    Look just go to one doctor, whats the problem. I go to my pain management doctor and nothing has changed as long as you are not going to more than one doctor and your doctor is not giving you 300 pills
    Space Case

    This law hurts patients who need medications for legitimate reasons - I went to my general practitioner this past Thursday and he informed me that due to this law he can't prescribe me the anti-anxiety medication that I've been taking for 15 years (which isn't even a part of this law, as far as I can tell). I take a normal dose and had to scramble to find a psychiatrist before my meds run out. What happens to people who can't find a new Dr. quickly enough. Withdrawal isn't a joke.

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    Post Comments to the Doc

    It's naive to believe that if you "go to one doctor"all is OK!I'm a frmer med clinician disbld 20 yrs. ago Many rxs were tried,but 13+yrs ago morphine=my miracle rx w/energy and OK pain relief.I'm VERY compliant & till 7/11 was on same dose for many yrs.To ease doc's fear re:new law,I cut my dose in 1/2,on my own.This was Not bec.I don't need the prev rx dose.Yesterday,he informed his pts. he will NOT rx's narcotics now.Note:Pain mgmt can't help w/prog. all-over chronic pain.Emailed Gov.S.

    have gone to my Rheumatologist since 2000 and I am taking Soma, a Narcotic muscle relaxer. My back is extrememly painful because of Scoliosis and Fibromyalgia and when I went to her for my appt 2 days ago she said they keep changing the rules for the Drs. She said to email the FL legislature and Rick Scott. Not everyone abuses narcotics, the people who take them as prescribed for legitimate pain are being hurt by this problem.
    FL mom

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